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Comment Re:Remains to be seen (Score 1) 187

Are you saying there isn't fake news out there. I'm not talking about the New York Times favoring their favorite candidate. There is objectively fake news that can be demonstrated by anyone who is capable of examination the story with anything more than a skin deep effort.

For Example:
We got right wing anti-vaxers protecting the cancer causing HPV viruses. They view it a as a form of social moral control put there by God. They even invented a fake, official looking, "American College of Pediatricians" which is nothing but a politically motivated conservative advocacy group. It's a quackery.

Our science is moral == Protect the STDs

Comment I actually don't care if the page is slow. (Score 1) 766

The real problem is that the browser's interface freezes up based on the content of the page. This is a design failure. If we lived in happyland where these programs were designed for the user, the tabs would have preemptable time slices and a processor butget. The user interface should never freeze. A back page should drop the processing of any scripts and closing a tab should free the memory of the tab without additional processor time juggling the content. Misbehaving pages would just go the way of the Dodo.

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