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Comment Re:Russian Culture (Score 1) 159

I would also add that achieving higher education was not dependent on money your family had or you could barrow. You could enter most prestigious university as long as you could pass the entrance exams and do better then the other 100+ people applying for the same seat. As soon as you enter the first grade you were prepared by parents and teachers for college. Your parents financial situation was not a show stopper for college acceptance it was all up to you. And you where always (In school and at home) reminded about that. In Russia, if you entered college with 0 financial support from you family, you would exit college at a round same mark. The problem in see in USA is if you enter even most inexpensive state college with 0 financial support from family you would be lucky to exit it with less then $50000 in dept. The burden that you must pay off for decades to come.

Submission + - VA Governor Wants Military Drones for Police ( 1

Screen404-O writes: During radio interview ( ) VA Governor suggest that "Police drones flying over Virginia would be "great" and "the right thing to do" for the same reasons they are so effective in a battlefield environment,..."

Is this the next step toward militarizing our law enforcement with the ever present "eye in the sky"? What are the privacy implications?

Comment Re:Because Hybrids Don't Pay For Themselves (Score 1) 998

The biggest problem with Tesla, Nissan and even Volt is general lack of charging stations. Every one keeps saying "drive to work plug it in" well I work in DC, my office building is LEED sertified, there are no charging stations. There are no charging stations at any major metro stations that I have seen. I live in at townhouse/rowhouse with out a parking garage, so parking is of the street - no way to legally run an extension cord. In fact I have been looking around an have not seen any communities (rentals) that would even offer charging stations. So first you must be a home owner with the garage. To charge it overnight. Second, office charging is at least 10 years of in the future. Marker would have to be saturated with %10-15 of electric cars before major office buildings and rentals start to offer it as an insentive. Infastructure is just not there. Being a home owner in today's job and real state marker is not easy. As for Volt. I like how it looks, I like how it drives. But lack of public charging means that I will just bun gas to charge it. So what is the point then.

Comment Re:No, not good (Score 1) 1271

There is a difference about inflicting harm to your self, like fast food diet, harm you will pose to others. Without vaccine you compromising entire community (herd immunity) since some proportion of people can not be immunized due to age, or other factors, and vaccines are not 100% effective. It's like comparing drunk driving through the mall during lunch time and eating there.

Comment Re:Watch them closely (Score 1) 330

In Russia they had (my be still do, i have been there in a long time) a similar system. Prior to the exam you would be given a number of questions (anywhere between 25 to 50) Each question would cover a portion of the semester and would take about an hour to answer. On the day of the exam you would you would come in and pull a ticket with the number of the question that you need to answer. If remember correctly the exam questions were a little bit different then the one you took home, but require the same technic to solve it. At the end of the day you had to learn entire semester to prep for exam, you got a chance to test your knowledge the practice at home and if you understood the subject subject you would be able to answer the question that is similar.

Comment Re:Cure worse than disease? (Score 1) 258

I think you missed the point of the article. It is not about minimizing Police attention but to minimize automated detection. That in turn will maximize amount of time/money that would have to be spend to backtrack you. You may stand out in some crowd and maybe easy to fallow visually by a human (eather on camera or in person), but (at current technology) imposible to load the image in to computer and say "show me where this person has been in the past week, month, year". The biggest issue with cameras in London, is not that you are being watched now but that the the data is stored and at the later time, with help of facial recognition, easily, cheeply backtrack. It is just too expansive to throw people to review few hundred thousand cameras going even just a month back to create a profile of your movement even if you do standout.

Comment Re:Just do a backround check. (Score 1) 557

I think he meant "seeing violent death". There is a huge difference between viewing already dead people (morgue or funeral) and witnessing violent murder. Emotions and feelings (or chemicals in the brain) that are involve are completely different and have different affect on people. During violent death you will get adrenalin rush witch mixed with fear. This tends to make a lot more permanent imprint on to your memory then sorrow and pain witch you would fill at the funeral. The fact is that very few Americans will ever see violent death. Thous that have high likely hood of witnessing are trained to deal with it. Doctors/nurses are trained through acclimation over at least 4 year period often longer and have large support network to seek help with. Military does it through "group think" or "mob mentality" in a lot less time 6 month to a year but with less favorable outcome (more cases of PTSD and less of the affected seeking help).

Comment Re:Queue joke... (Score 1) 380

Here is what i think is happening. Human: Hey i'm not touching gas but a car is accelerating! Car: Gas sensor reports 100% - "MORE POWER!" Human: Tap the breaks Car: "MORE POWER" some noise on the break pedal - "set noise tolerance to unreachable parameters" any input from break pedal is now noise - you have not break pedal! Human: Step on the break - Oh Shit Car: it looks i'm dropping speed Break pedal? - no it's just noise must be up hill "More Power" Human: Press "Start/Stop" button. Car: Hmm... Speed - 75 mph and rising Gas - pressed to the floor Break - noise just ignore it well is i stop engine now driver will loose control and crash, "More Power" Human: shift to "N" shift to "P" shift to "R" shift to "L" Car: are you trying to kill my trany...?!? good luck with that. "MORE POWER" Human: to busy freaking out about the car in stead of driving (not a first time he drove at 75/85 mph) does not see a slight turn on the high way hits a wall at 85 Car: shit, so he was trying to stop and it was not noise in the break pedal. Oh well, better luck next time.

Comment Re:Queue joke... (Score 1) 380

Well, correct me if i'm wrong: 1. Prius does not have a starter key! (Remote keyless entry system with Push Button Start, 2-stage unlocking and panic function) - so it's not like you can kill the engine by turning off the key and mechanical disconnecting electrical power from the engine. 2. Most modern cars do not have mechanical linkage between shifter in the cabin and tranny. Prius, if i remember correctly, has a CVT tranny so i must be computer controlled 3. Breaks are useless in the "run away car", you have 30 sec at best (band you rotters and break pads) before you have no breaks due to heat, and usage at speeds above 50 mph. Most modern cars also "care about them self" computer will not let you shit in to LOW or REVERSE gear if you are going fast to protect the car and tranny, ext.... In my opinion it is programming errors on the computers or even worse logic error in the car. But it's not like toyota will Open Source the system so we can prove it.

Comment Re:Pulse Pen (Score 1) 569

Yes you can print them to PDF or any other printer. It works on MAC and Windows. You can also upload notes with audio to the website to share with others. You can quickly move through audio by moving the pen to the portion of notes. The Notes are stored in side LiveDesktop with the notebooks. You can name notebooks as you like and write in a different notebooks depending on the subject.

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