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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 472

You are assuming the cost doubling is just the labor portion. I'm pretty sure they are saying the entire cost including labor, will MORE than double, because, in the US, you can't work people for less than $17 per day, as is reported the case with Foxconn assembly workers. Add to that, the extensive research that points to a lack of available workforce in the US capable of working these jobs, and you have lost of financial problems. iPads reportedly take over 300 people and 5+ days to assemble, test and prepare for your use, each.

Comment Re:What about (Score 1) 551

Except that you can't put any hardware in there... unless you are willing to live with issues, lack of support and lack of features. Co-worker bought a run-of-the-mill GTX 980 to replace his Mac-Edition GTX (which worked flawlessly) and he's had many issues with the 980, the least of which is that he cannot get into the computer's BIOS without putting in a Mac-Edition card first. It just black-screens during boot and won't allow you to enter BIOS. He also ended up building a Windows PC to put his 980 in due to all of the driver and performance issues he had. That up-charge on fancy Mac-approved hardware is there for a reason apparently.

Comment Re:A change in the Ax meaning? (Score 1) 81

Good grief... are you guys just making things up? There are 4 core A6 and A4 processors too. A4-5000 and A6-5200 are both quad core parts, not counting the GPU cores. the # in A# just represents the level of performance that the processor will provide. Just like there are dual and quad core i5 and i7 processors, but the i7 is going to be better than the i5.

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