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Comment Re:Looks like email and the desktop were not enoug (Score 1) 320

The American Empire is broadly speaking evil. Everything thinking person agrees with this.

I believe its the exact opposite, the American Empire broadly a good influence, which have a bad habit of kneejerk reactions which go over the top,
Generally, i find most people who say otherwise, generally havent researched and thaught the issue through properly. Yes, the US has done unpleasant things, Name any government in the world that hasnt done in the last 10 years, generally in a similar Kneejerk fashion.

US bashing is a popular passtime in Europe at the moment, and i expect in the rest of the world as well, and to be honest, its childish and stupid.

Dammit, i fed the troll.

Vermont City Almost Encased In a 1-Mile Dome 456

destinyland writes "A Vermont city once proposed a one-mile dome over its 7,000 residents. (They paid $4 million a year in heating bills, and HUD seriously considered funding their proposal.) The city's architectural concept included supporting the Dome with air pressure slightly above atmospheric pressure. (Buckminster Fuller warned their biggest challenge would be keeping it from floating away...) There would be no more heating bills, fly-fishing all year, and no more snow shoveling. And to this day, the former city planner insists that 'Economically it's a slam dunk.'"

Comment Re:mobile broadband issue - huawei e169 (Score 1) 1231

I had the same issue. with the Huawei K3520 (the UK vodaphone version of the E169) I have managed to discover a workaround, however its annoying. If its not fixed before my last major camp in three weeks time, i'm going to downgrade back to 9.04. I dont really want to be fiddling with Kernel modules in the middle of nowere in the dark and wet of a typical english Winter. I'd rather just turn it on and it works,like 9.04 did.

Comment fresh install on an Acer Aspire one ZG5 (Score 1) 1231

My install worked flawlessly, and all the internal hardware worked. (Camera, mic, display, Wireless, Ethernet, everything)
However, It doesnt seem to work properly with my Mobile internet dongle. Looks like something kernel related.
I can get it to work if i rmmod usb-storage immediately after i insert it (Why usb-storage?), before the deskop sees it.
Sadly, for me this is a killer. My netbook is mainly for being able to use the internet while camping. (Sad but true)
Shame. 9.04 worked flawlessly with it, first go.

Comment Re:What about netbooks? (Score 1) 907

I have noticed something similar with an Aspire one netbook (6 cell). Only the difference is between the pre-installed linux (Something called Linpus) which i get about 6-7 hours, and Ubuntu Netbook, which gives me about 4-5.

Of course, Ubuntu is so much more prettier and up to date than Linpus, and i'm loathe to switch back.

Comment Re:[Don't] Profit! (Score 1, Funny) 501

>Seriously though, is there a business conference that happens annually now where presenters try >to sell the audience on the benefits of alienating your customers by providing sub-par purchasing and product use options? Well Darl's going a bit short at the moment, so he decided to hit the lecture circuit for a while.

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