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Comment Hypocritical... (Score 0) 543

GTA, Prototype, Infamous, etc, etc all have the killing of innocent civilians. I think what makes MW2 different is context. MW2 establishes the fact that we are 'fighting terrorist' and even the names and places maybe be changed, we all know what and where the game is referring/inferring. This is just a pitiful attempt by the developer to introduce something new in their game to keep it fresh, at the same time drumming up sales from the controversy. Whats worst the hot coffee mod by rockstar or this? Personally, I'm more excited about bad company 2 that this.

Submission + - The end of l33t speak on forums ( 3

arcticstoat writes: "Software developers create a 'StupidFilter' to block out phrases like 'OMGZ hax!!!111one' from forums. Once the software has been installed on a webserver, it will scan posts before they are published for nonsense terms including 'OMG!!' and 'LOL', blocking the worst offenders with a message that says 'This comment is more or less unintelligible. Please try to restate it.'"

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