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Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 1105

That means American personal cars and homes produce between 1/4 and 1/5 of the world's CO2 emissions.

That can't be correct. Total human emissions of CO2 only account for about 3% of the world's CO2 emissions, so do you mean that American cars and homes account for between 1/4 and 1/5 of that 3%?

What you are missing here is a citation for that 3% number. Here, let me google that for you:

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 1105

You do realize medicare/medicaide is more expensive than private insurance, don't you? Sure, you may not pay for it up front when visiting the doctor or paying for your drugs, but you do pay for it in taxes, along with everyone else.

Of course you pay for it in taxes. The question is whether the *total cost* of services rendered is higher with Medicare or with private insurance. Medicare has somewhere in the neighborhood of 5% overhead and administrative costs, compared to around 25% for private insurance. Hence, private insurance is less efficient.

Comment Pylab: Python + Numpy + Matplotlib (Score 1) 254

This combination has almost all of the functionality of Matlab. In my opinion the plots look nicer than Matlab's, and it runs faster as well. Plus, There are a *ton* of extra packgages that can be installed to augment the basic functionality, and more are being written every day by a vibrant and active community. I learned Matlab as a graduate student, but now, as a professor, I start all of my new coding projects in Python.

Comment Okay -- do something. Write your news station. (Score 2) 1113

Okay, I've had it. I am a Christian myself, but this is just embarrassing. This guy is even a "young earth" creationist, which in my opinion should disqualify him from serving on any committee associated with science. If you agree, please consider writing your local news station to suggest that they report on this story. If it gets wide enough press, perhaps there will be some pressure to hand the job over to someone who actually accepts the tenets of basic science.

Comment Watch much sports? (Score 1) 479

It is easily feasible to 'cut the cord' provided you are not too demanding in your programming requirements. In any reasonably-large city you can easily pull down all the major networks in HD over the air with a small digital antenna and a pc-HDTV card or equivalent. Quality is reputed to be even better than the quality of HD cable. Many other shows are easily available through your browser at nearly the same time they are broadcast. If you *must* see the latest HBO series, well, then choices are either to bend over and pay, or break the law and fire up the rationalization engine.

One notable exception is that if you are a big sports fan you will definitely miss live programming on ESPN.

Me? I've been watching only broadcast TV using Myth for over 10 years. That's $6,000 saved so far, minimum.

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