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Comment Re:Dumb idea. (Score 1) 249

I have settings like that in the AOKP-based ROM that I use. It's in the settings, it's called "App Ops" (down near "About Phone" and "Accessibility Settings"). It tells me what permissions are currently granted to each app and when that permission was last used. If I don't know why an app needs a certain permission or I don't like that it has it, I just uncheck it.

Comment Re:The digital lock provisions trump everything el (Score 5, Informative) 122

When this argument was brought up during the last attempt to pass this legislation, it was said that "effective" doesn't necessarily mean that it "works well" in this context, just that protection is "in effect" (no matter how ineffective the protection actually is). IANAL, but I believe that distinction was made by one and if I had any clue where I read that, I'd link to it.

Comment Re:Windows disk (Score 1) 474

It can be done for sure. I'm not sure if it'll work in every scenario, but I do this to my girlfriend's laptop every time we reinstall Windows. I tried once to use the toshiba recovery discs. After 2 evenings of failures and frustration, I downloaded an untouched MS Windows ISO, burned it, installed it, and used the key on her laptop to activate it. Worked like a charm. (Toshiba C650 with Windows 7 Home Premium).

Comment Re: Records and Vacuum tubes (Score 1) 685

Vacuum tubes still have at least 1 job where they're vastly superior to transistors. For example, ask almost anyone who plays guitar if they'd take a solid-state amp over a tube amp. Almost all of them will say "Hell no!" (though some prefer the sterile crunch of solid state). Tubes sound better, and it's not just perception. It's measurable.

I can't confirm this one personally (I have many records and even buy many new releases on vinyl, but no player for them yet), but records are also supposedly superior when it comes to sound quality.

Some technology never completely goes away. It might get "almost completely replaced" by something newer and better in "most" applications, but as long as there is something that the older tech is better at and there are enough people who want to hold onto it, it won't completely go away.

I also agree that PCs are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:gas guzzling (Score 1) 897

Thinner tires (within reason...I'm not talking 'bicycle' thin) in the winter help a bit with getting to the bottom of the snow.

-5F and 8" of snow would be a dream compared to some of the snow we see up north :)

Comment Re:Didn't think I'd champion Silverlight... (Score 1) 162

YouTube's buffering issues are exactly that; YouTube's issues.

Netflix has their own buffering issues (not near as annoying, though). I like the service, but find it annoying when I can see that there is some of the video buffered, but if I try to jump into that buffered section, everything haults and starts loading all over again from that point.

Also, HTML5 isn't going to turn a run-of-the-mill web server into a comprehensive media server that will allow you to seek to any point in the video and start loading from there. That hope was squashed a long time ago (most notably by YouTube). The magic behind that is all server-side.

Comment Re:Cue the knock-offs! (Score 1) 129

Re: PS1 Support. Maybe they'll have a specific "Game OS" and use Android as an "Other OS". Then when people figure out how the game OS works, they'll remove the Other OS in a mandatory firmware upgrade and claim that they never sold the device as a general purpose computer; they sold it as a game console only.

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