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Comment Re:Several things (Score 2) 198

I believe if any *one* thing killed flash, it was HTML 5. You can do virtually anything in HTML 5 that you could in Flash, you didn't require a proprietary application to create it, and you didn't require your users to have a proprietary plugin to run it.

As a web developer myself, that's what killed it for me.

Comment Re:Because the tech industry is soulless (Score 1) 181

I never said priests/clergy didn't contribute to science, just that it was disingenuous to attribute things like the Scientific Method to the church. The Big Bang Theory isn't sacred, it just happens to be the theory that best fits our observations. If something came along tomorrow that fit BETTER, guess what would happen to the Big Bang Theory? Buh-bye!

Another thing about that: The Big Bang Theory (Any theory, really) isn't mine or "ours" (Hell, I'm not even a professional scientist). It belongs to the world and is currently our best explanation of the formation of the universe. Theories don't require blind faith. If someone doesn't believe in a theory, it doesn't make it any less true, only evidence can do that. Religion, on the other hand, does require faith. That's why nobody still practices Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek or any of the countless other dead religions that have existed through the years.

Your assertion that religion isn't afraid of science, hasn't always been the case, and in fact is only a very recent development out of need. Science has slowly been eroding god's domain over time, and so Christianity has had to adjust it's worldview to fit with society. Before that, when they actually had authority, the Christian church had a long history of persecuting, torturing and killing people who introduced ideas that were contrary to their all-knowing all-powerful scriptures. You have THAT kind of history with science, and then ask WHY science was afraid?

Christianity is LUCKY that the scientific community is rational and wouldn't think of treating Christians the same way that scientists have been treated at the hands of the Christian church, and would do well to remember that.

Comment Re:Because the tech industry is soulless (Score 2, Insightful) 181

Except that religion DOESN'T actually explain ANYTHING, least of all the "why". Religion puts forth ideas (often blatantly wrong), not supported by any kind of evidence, and then chastises/persecutes you when you question those ideas.

As for the Scientific Method coming from the church, that is a stretch at best. Francis Bacon formalized what we know as the Scientific Method, inspired by the work of Roger Bacon and others (Copernicus and Galileo). Just because Roger Bacon was a friar doesn't mean that the Scientific Method came from the church, and considering the treatment that Galileo received from the church over heliocentrism, claiming that the Scientific Method has it's origins in the church is intellectually dishonest.

Ideas about separation of church and state have been around since before Christianity, so saying that it is a Christian thing is just plain wrong. I'll give you the University system though.

Comment Re:NVIDIA (Score 1) 353

I believe you are referring to the Geforce Experience software. It's optional, though it's installed by default.

My biggest complaint is that that software doesn't even let you check for updated drivers without requiring you to register and be logged in. After installation when I built my new computer, I went to check for updates and was hit with the login screen, I immediately uninstalled it. The Nvidia Control Panel is all I need.

The AMD Radeon Crimson software is the same type of crap. Advertising and telemetry wrapper masquerading as a... I'm not even sure what they're supposed to be. Gaming news?

Comment Re:I'd rather they put more money into bug fixing (Score 1) 249

The "Older OS not working on newer hardware" thing is largely a myth, for the time being. The OS works just fine on newer hardware, where you run into trouble is installing in the first place.

The way it was described to me is something like this: The Win7 install media was built to look for drives in a specific way. Modern BIOS no longer present the drives that way, so Win7 doesn't see any drives to install to (Feel free to chime in or correct me if you're familiar with this stuff).The work around is to simply use an older machine. Put the drive in the older machine and start the install. when the Win7 installer reboots, shut the machine down, move the drive to the new machine and continue the install there. I just did this with my new machine and it works like a charm.

Comment Re:propaganda headline (Score 3, Interesting) 243

bridges that need to be widened to handle additional traffic are not "structurally deficient"

I'd say technically, that is EXACTLY what they are. Their structure is lacking the width to handle current traffic levels, therefore it's structurally deficient. What you probably mean is that a bridge that is labeled as "structurally deficient" doesn't necessarily mean unsafe, but a bridge that needs to be widened to handle traffic is most certainly structurally deficient.


Comment No labor shortage (Score 1) 477

There is *NO* labor shortage in IT. There is a perceived CHEAP labor shortage because corporations don't want to pay people what they are worth, while holding up countries like India as an example of what they think people should get paid.

If you want to pay people what they get paid in India, move your fucking company to India.

Comment Re:This was long overdue (Score 1) 115

...and is irrelevant to this discussion. I assume you are trying to make the point that just because something is not allowed doesn't mean people aren't going to do it. You're right, but so what? Ebay doesn't allow it because the risk of fraud is too high and they cannot control it. If you go around that rule and you get screwed, it's your own damn fault.

If you are buying from people on ebay that will not use paypal and insist on using western union, you should find another seller because you are probably going to get screwed.

Comment Re:Lessons re-learned (Score 1) 110

Actually, GP is correct and you are missing the point. If the software was open source, you, or Russia, or anyone could use it to make a CLONE. That STILL would not solve the issue of LinkedIn not storing the collected data in Russia. You cannot force a large corporation to move their ALREADY EXISTING data to another country simply by forking their open source software and making some changes.

The issue Russia seems to have is they want the DATA inside Russia, presumably because they want unfettered access to it. Open sourcing the software absolutely will not "solve" that for them.

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