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Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 293

They're too late to join the game. The problem is that MySpace already has everyone you know, so everyone joins it because everyone else already is there. Some random mumblings about really bad user design and spam won't make normal people switch over and all the bands will stay on MySpace since Facebook doesn't host music.

While I see what you're getting, it wasn't necessarily the case that "everyone" was on MySpace before Facebook, or Friendster before MySpace.
I was a college freshmen when "The Facebook" was available for me and I hadn't even heard of MySpace at that point in time. No mention of it from my friends or anyone I knew. I knew about the live journal/xanga type blog things but those were obviously different in terms of feature set.

Maybe I was an aberration but it seemed like the barrier to entry was much lower than 5-6 years ago. Facebook has amassed a much larger following that will make them harder to knock down. Unlike with AOL, People have put significant time and effort into Facebook with their profiles, their interests, games and especially with their photos (uploading and tagging). The chat capability is also nice in that you can communicate with the person by just knowing their and not having to get their screenname or gmail ID.

However, the mighty can eventually fall. I've kept AOL Instant Messenger since the family AOL account was canceled in 2003 and used it for some years after. I've barely touched it recently though and I only know a small handful of people who use it as their primary IM correspondence. Your Facebook photo exporter would be a fantastic way to recoup that time spent uploading pictures, although there would need to be some mechanism to tie the photos to everyone who was tagged. We shall see what the next latest and greatest thing to come out is. I can only imagine it'd be a very slow weaning off of Facebook

Comment Re:PC version planned? (Score 3, Informative) 109

I don't think there's a PC version planned but you should really check out Frets on Fire. It's a guitar hero clone for the computer. It says it is also compatible with the actually guitar controller although I can't verify this myself.

If you run a search for "frets on fire song pack" you'll also find links to torrents on some songs to download. They even have the Guitar 1 and 2 songs.

I've been playing with it the past couple days and it seems pretty good.

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