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Comment Strange business model (Score 0) 123

I could never buy a redeem code. What kind of business model is that? Shortly after I backed the project on kickstarter I got screwed by PP. I closed my account there. I don't have a credit card too. Oyua never offered a safe payment method or a retail card. I always thought the must have more than enough other customers if they behave like that. Looks like they are clueless.

Comment Re:Autobahn (Score 0) 992

Even my girlfriend having her license for just 2 years usually drives 100 mph with her y2001 Fiat Punto. Well, fuel (95 ROZ) costs 1,74 EUR/l today. I usually need 5,8 - 6,3 l/100km when driving max. 65 mph with my Astra Caravan. With a lent Suzuki SV 650 I've lost against a Mercedes E220 at 130 mph (naked bike). But I've never seen an accident happening on the Autobahn on my own and I feel safe at any speed.

Comment Re:Really Germany? (Score 0) 580

I'm still cool and I haven't voted for these social and christian idiots. If I ever try out paintballing I have to go to the Czech Republic. Mad enough, I've had to go to the Bundeswehr (German Army) and shoot with real ammo. At least there're still some kilometres of the Autobahn without a speed limit. That's something that's still really cool.

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