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Comment Re:Need better security (Score 2) 71

Yes, same here in Switzerland at UBS. I have a SmartCard and a reader, and I have a PIN, and then there's some sort of challenge/response magic going on.

There was an article in the newspaper recently, and they compared the various authentication-mechanisms used for Swiss bank accounts, unsurprisingly, the outcome was that UBS had the most secure as well as the most user-unfriendly authentication process.

I guess online banking is where I'll always prefer security over ease-of-use.


Submission + - Solar Impulse took off for its first intl. flight (

piripiri writes: The prototype plane Solar Impulse, which draws its power from the sun, has took off today at 06:40 GMT from Payerne, Switzerland and is expected to pass over Luxembourg and land at Brussels airport at approximately 9pm (GMT+2). Once again, the plane will be piloted by André Borschberg, who achieved the world's first manned 26 hour solar flight in 2010. The event can be tracked via the official iOS and Android smart phone applications or online via the Solar Impulse website or follow the project on twitter or YouTube.

Comment HP Wireless Assistant isn't exactly useless (Score 2) 243

Even though some might say that HP Wireless Assistant is bloatware, it isn't really.

It lets you switch on/off individual "wireless devices", like Bluetooth, WiFi or the newer WWAN adapters. Turning the ones off you don't need will definitely save battery life, and it might add some security.

And before anyone says "hey, that's what device manager is for", it's not. Device manager allows you to disable devices, but that would require administrator privileges, whereas the HP Wireless Assistant allows any user to do that.

I do agree, though, that much of the software on the machines you buy in the store is rubbish and is only there so you can buy your computer for less money than you could if the software wasn't there. Think about it.

Comment Re:First post? (Score 1) 1230

So, what use is this CAPS key?

Imagine having a keyboard with some non-US layout. Mine, for example, is Swiss-German. As there are a lot of French-speaking people in Switzerland, there are not only German, but also French characters on it.

One key has the ö, and when you press shift and the same key, you get the é. To write an Ö, you have to use the CAPS LOCK key. Got it?

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