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Comment Re:Aren't there real problems in Europe to focus o (Score 2, Insightful) 36

We've already seen then commit numerous crimes, and even many serious and violent attacks that have resulted in the deaths of many innocent European citizens.

Citation needed.

I expect to be vilified for this, accused of shutting down the debate with that "citation needed" thing, but seriously, I couldn't care less. I reject the "post-factual" paradigm, I only accept debate based on actual facts, not fantasies nor distorted "could have been" stories.

Comment Re:Hypotheticals (Score 1) 368

To be honest, if I was a US citizen, I'd side with the Democrats on pretty much everything. Basically I'm a Green sympathizer. In theory I think a honest debate with intelligent conservatives is a fine way to fine-tune my own ideas, but from my point of view the GOP has simply gone totally nuts. I only see conservative politicians within Democrat ranks.

Comment Re:Hypotheticals (Score 1) 368

Regarding what to do about it, my preference would be to let the market decide the solution. A revenue neutral carbon tax would reduce income and sales tax (we ought to be encouraging income and spending so this is good) and it would send a price signal to move us from carbon into the new energy economy.

I like the way you think. The market is a powerful tool if it's properly set up, but can't come up with solutions on its own in many issues.

Comment Re:Okay... so what am I supposed to do about it? (Score 1) 368

As other said, it sounds to me that you're doing your part, as best as you can from where you stand in life. The rest is politics. At the very least you show that it's possible to do that. Beyond that, do you think that there are people who would like to do that, but can't, for various reasons? If you think so, then you can push for the socio-economic system to make it more convenient to do like you - while avoiding to shit on people who really can't. It's a delicate balance of policies to find.

Comment Re:Nessie (Score 1) 62

Interestingly, it's been decades since serious cryptozoologists dismissed Nessie on the basis that the loch's turbid waters didn't allow for enough photosynthesis to sustain a sufficient biomass to feed a large species. Their most prominent theory besides hoaxes is that maybe some visiting seals have been magnified by optic phenomena akin to a fata morgana.

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