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Comment Quality is "good enough." (Score 1) 895

Here's the thing, I don't watch a lot of special effects laden action movies. So I feel like there's no real reason for me to even want Blu-Ray. Of like the last 10 movies I've watched only one (Sweeney Todd) I think would have benefited from Blu-ray. And I was able to enjoy it just fine regardless. All the rest were stuff like Juno, or The Savages, or the Bob Dylan movie. I mean - these are things I could get just as much enjoyment out of watching on a 13 inch screen. But I just don't feel like most movies benefit at all from the treatment. Note - this is pretty much the same reason I haven't gotten an HDTV either. The Dailyshow/Colbert is just funny in normal-def. And I doubt there's even more more to see in an episode of the Venture Bros. Most shows/movies (especially good movies) tend to be more about a story than striking visuals.

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