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Comment Re:Field dependent requirement (Score 1) 1086

Please don't fall for the self-loathing. Many of the early differences in English were because British English continued to evolve while American English (and Noah Webster's dictionary) stayed closer to the British English at the time of the establishment of the American Colonies, so perhaps it was the British who were "dumbing down" many words. In reality, both American English and British English have continued to evolve.

For a modern take on whether Americans misspell/mispronounce, check linguistic experts Patricia T. O'Conner and Stewart Kellerman.
Why can’t the Americans learn to speak?
...or even
Did the Bard speak American?

Comment English... (Score 1) 128

  • "The general tendency within the open source community is to a whole new wheel to push your own cart."
  • "(the distro which leads the development of Gnome shell and its also the breeding ground of many latest technologies which are used by the rest of the GNU/Linux world)."
  • "Interestingly developers users openSUSE's build service to create this port."

Would someone translate that to English please?

Comment Given the process used, the title is misleading (Score 1) 312

I think that the goal is that one of the many monkeys types an entire work of Shakespeare, not that many monkeys each type a very small segment of Shakespeare mixed in with gibberish, and then the many very small segments of Shakespeare are cut from the surrounding gibberish and combined by a person of intelligence into a work of Shakespeare.

Comment Emotionally Charged (Score 1) 492

The notice is very emotionally charged and very confrontational. To me, the tone communicates that the author, Russ Herrold, is not interested in reconciliation.

He uses phrases such as "You seem to have crawled into a hole ... and this is not acceptable." and "Please contact me, or any other signer of this letter at once, to arrange for the required information to keep the project alive at the '' domain." These sound insulting and threatening.

He also throws around words such as "fear" and "kill." These are very emotionally charged words.

I don't know any of the details or background other than the notice, but the attacking wording sounds more like a blackmail, extortion, or coup attempt than a legitimate plea to find the project leader.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Fedora 7 is Now Released (

Schlaegel writes: Get Fedora 7 while it is still hot. Fedora 7 was officially released at 10:00 EST. Notable new features include live CD spins, the ability to create your own live spins, and the integration of extras and core.

In the theme of the codename, Moonshine:

Howdy, cousins! Welcome to our little Fedora hollow, where we've brewed up some mighty, mighty Fedora 7 Moonshine for your enjoyment. Here, I'll help you pour that ... and some for me ... *cough, cough* Smoooooth ... sure does taste good. It's been sitting here in the jug for almost a whole month now! Go ahead and help yourself to some more:


Submission + - Microsoft/Novel agreement released

annodomini writes: "The SEC has posted the terms (with a few bits omitted for confidentiality) of therecent agreements between Microsoft and Novell, which have sparked so much debate in the Linux community and even led to changes in the GPLv3 drafting process. The three parts of the agreement are the Patent Cooperation Agreement, the Technical Collaboration Agreement, and the Business Collaboration Agreement. There are all sorts of interesting tidbits in here, like exceptions to a patent release for things like Wine, and all but calling OpenOffice a "clone" of Microsoft Office."

Submission + - OLPC Game Jam for a XO Laptop

An anonymous reader writes: OLPC anounced a three-day "game jam" scheduled to begin June 8 on the campus of Olin College, an engineering school in Needham, Massachusetts. The game jam is an opportunity for developers to create new types of games that rely on features of the XO's design such as mesh networking between nearby users, an integrated still or video camera, and a tablet mode for mobile gaming. "There aren't too many games right now that take advantage of mesh style networking," said Klein, referring to the XO's ability to use Wi-Fi to communicate with other users up to a kilometer away, and display them as icons on its Sugar interface. "There are networked games, sure, but they aren't sensitive to the ability to display the presence of other users depending on where they are in relation to you, or to pop up on the screen when they are close enough." Beyond creating games that teach specific tasks like counting or reading, OLPC hopes the contest will produce templates that allow kids to build their own games, according to OLPC's development guidelines. Oh yea, the grand prize is a a free OX laptop and all games created at the weekend-long event under the open-source GNU General Public License, and post them on the SourceForge site.

Submission + - Announcing Crystal Space 1.0

Jorrit writes: "After nearly 10 years of development we finally release version 1.0 of Crystal Space. Crystal Space is an Open Source and portable 3D engine framework which runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. It is fully featured with support for vertex and fragment shaders, dynamic lighting and lightmaps, skeletal animation, physics, 3D sound, terrain engine, python support and much more.

Together with Crystal Space 1.0 we also release Crystal Entity Layer 1.0. This is a game layer on top of Crystal Space which makes it easier to develop games. Crystal Entity Layer is heavily oriented towards scripting (but also works in plain C++) and adds features like customizable third person camera, movement system, quest system, rule system, path finding and so on.

We would also like to announce a relatively new project called CELstart. To use Crystal Space and Crystal Entity Layer effectively you need to make your own C++ programs. If you download CELstart then you can start making full powered Crystal Space games by using only XML and/or Python scripts. It is by far the easiest way to make 3D games using Crystal Space.

Interested? Check us out at"

Submission + - 10 people fired over Wii radio contest

Skadet writes: 10 people have been fired in the aftermath of the tragic death of one of the contestants for Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End's "Hold your Wee for a Wii" promotion (first covered on Slashdot here).

From TFA:
The hosts of KDND-FM's "Morning Rave" — who go by the on-air names Trish, Maney and Lukas — were fired a day after the station announced it was suspending the show and investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Jennifer Lea Strange. [...] John Geary, vice president and general manager of KDND parent company, Entercom/Sacramento, made the announcement Tuesday in an e-mail to reporters.

"Effective immediately, the 'Morning Rave' program is canceled and ten employees are no longer with the station."

A company spokesman, Charles Sipkins, confirmed the three DJs, as well as two other on-air personalities, "Carter" and "Fester," were among those fired. Five other employees who worked on the "Morning Rave" also were let go. All 10 were fired, the spokesman said, for violating terms of their employee agreements.
I used to work at a corporately owned radio station (full disclosure: not for Entercom, KDND's owner. I was a techie in radio in a previous life). But I can tell you from experience that most of the people fired were most likely not responsible for this event. At my station group, no events happened without the express consent of #1, the station manager, and #2, the promotions director. They're the ones ultimately responsible. So why isn't John Geary the one getting the boot? Is this just an example of Corporate America scapegoating the peons? What if you had been commissioned by your boss to write code that ended up being a danger? Would you be culpable, or your boss?

Submission + - Best Buy Will Unleash Wii Stockpile This Sunday!

Richard Manley writes: "From Gameworld Network: "An anonymous Best Buy employee claims that every store will have at least 15 Wiis for sale this Sunday. He says to expect between 35 and 45 Wiis at most stores, though some may receive less. The new shipment of Wiis will be promoted in the next Best Buy advert, so there will likely be a lot of potential Wii owners lining up. Some may even camp out to secure a Wii. If you're heading out to pick one up on Sunday, let us know how you fare.""

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