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Submission + - PS3 FW 3.41 boots Linux Using Jailbreak (

Schadrach writes: Developer marcan42 has been hacking away at a custom bootloader — named AsbestOS — for booting & loading Linux on PS3 firmware 3.41. This will mark the return of Linux to the PS3 since the removal of the OtherOS feature by Sony.
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Submission + - Champions Online Lifetime Offer Pulled

Schadrach writes: 6 days before the offer was due to be yanked by their own communications, Cryptic has pulled the lifetime subscription and discounted 6 month subscription offers. This was done after a sudden notice of "We're almost out, grab it if you want it now!" leaving only a few hours to grab one before they ceased offering them. During this time, several people had billing server issues as well. People are understandably upset.

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