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Comment Re:Epic Fail? WTF? (Score 1) 534

The 360 still has piracy, playing a burned game on a 360 is pretty simple if you know how. So the fact that Sony put more effort into combating it than Microsft is just stupid, it is what it is, they need to accept that there will be pirates, and just do what Microsoft does and Ban accounts.

Comment Re:Not Another Star Wars-like Prequels !! (Score 2) 144

From what I have been reading it seems like it is going to be very in depth. This isn't star wars...star wars is a bit more...like a love story with lots of lasers and drama in the mix. Aliens is Sci-fi horror with lots of background missing....so I'm not sure how you can even make a comparison. Alien actually has LOTS room for a prequel unlike Star Wars which already had a background storyline to it when they made A New Hope. Especially considering the prequel is set in the year 2085 (3 decades before Ellen Ripley) ... the Star wars prequels didn't quite go that far back in time, they only told us what we already knew happened with annoying characters like jar jar and gay looking droids.

Comment Re:Milking the cow... (Score 5, Interesting) 144

After reading the link I now see the direction this film might be taking, finally there will be some answers as to what this Alien race is, and possibly where it originated from what I understand. They mention something from the first Alien movie regarding the possible genetic manipulated alien sitting in the chair-like thing and envisioning this Alien race ... so there is no "knowing what will happen", we only know what happens in Alien..but HOW did that ship crash on that planet? Where did it come from? Who created those aliens?

Comment Its just a demo (Score 1) 200

The fact remains....this applies to DEMO's. What kind of idiot wouldent want the full version of a game they are hooked on? I play a demo, i think its great, i buy the game (i don't keep playing the demo while the game is already released because that would be considered borderline insane)

Comment Bullroar (Score 1) 613

So not true, probably applies to machines with less than 4gb of ram. I have 8gb of ram in my machine, i usual have around ~5gb free at all times. So this is total bullshit. No one should have less than 4gb in a new PC these days anyways. There's a lot of dumb folks out there who only have 1gb of ram and then they complain that their computer is so slow, when 1gb was the ideal amount 6-7 years ago, but this is 2010, ram is cheap, people gotta get with the program.

Comment Re:organic sources (Score 1) 106

I should have worded it a bit differently, what i mean its more of a possibility that the key ingredients to form those essential building blocks for life, may have come from elsewhere in the solar system/galaxy. One thing we know is our planet gets showered with meteorites on almost a daily basis, most of which are just so small we cant see them. Then again its know that earth used to have a sister and both collided to form our current earth, and the leftover debris is what formed our moon, its more possible that everything was on both these planets, just when they combined it created the right kind of "soup" to spawn life.

Comment Re:Panspermia? Yeah right. (Score 1) 106

I think life came from space, and did not originate here on this planet. I have just come to accept that there is more at play than any human can understand at the moment, and probably won't be understood for a very long time. I also believe that all religions (in general) might have stemmed up from something else all together, someone passes a story on and changes it when he tells it to someone else, the process repeats itself until you have several different version of the same story (all religions have "a higher power" in common). Obviously something happened in human history that no one understood at all and that's where religion started, this is why i am not religious as i know its all baloney. No one is an idiot for having their own concepts, without different concepts or theories, well we would be lost.

Comment organic sources (Score 1) 106

Well the thought of the building blocks for life to have just "formed" on earth is too far fetched. This just helps solidify that earth was somehow seeded by meteorites long before life started and that is where life started up from i believe. It just makes more sense. Also once you do the math as to how many galaxies there are just in the visible portion of the sky, it just becomes even more realistic that we are not alone, but space is just so big that we pretty much are alone in our tiny sector of the Galaxy perhaps. Its like living out in the boonies where everyone house would be separated by 5 miles with trees in the way, just because you can't see their house, doesn't mean its not there, but just out of sight.

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