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Comment Ugh att (Score 1) 173

One time AT&T failed to turn off my service when requested. I made a payment to keep it current and reached out again. They said that they saw my request and they didn't know why it hadn't been shut off (being as that I'd moved to a place they didn't service). This person told me that I'd be issued a refund for the month I didn't use but had payed for. The next month I received another bill. I called, and said that I should ignore the bill and that my refund should arrive shortly. This happened 3 times before they sent me to collections. It took the threat of taking them to court to get them to fix it all. As a result, I'll never do business with them again.

Comment Re: AT&T is now your satellite TV company (Score 1) 100

The last time I did business with AT&T they sent me to collections. This wouldn't be so unusual, except they owed me money at the time and when I'd call them to deal with it they couldn't explain why they did it. I want in the market for satellite TV, but I certainly won't be going to direct TV if I ever am.

Comment Multiplayer (Score 1) 56

I've wanted to use minecraft in classrooms before, but have yet to find a reasonable method of preventing connections to multi-player servers. Granted I haven't looked in a year or so, but until there is a way to do easily accomplish that I'll take a pass. There is no way I'm opening myself up to that level of liability.

Comment Third world sounds right (Score 1) 203

Last year we were flying out of LA guardia, and it was awful. Our first flight was canceled, our second flight was delayed until the next morning. It was July, so the weather was awful. The air conditioning was broken, there weren't enough places to sit, all of the coolers in stores were broken so all the drinks were hot, and the drinking fountains had water that came out hot to the touch (I could have brewed tea). It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had anywhere, and I' very ridden greyhound from California to new Jersey and back.

Comment Re:Saw an interesting windows install once (Score 1) 322

I wasn't trying to slam windows. In fact, at the time I was a 100% windows user. I just thought it would be fun to mention an interesting place to see windows since I didn't have any interesting linux locations to report. I doubt anyone who passed the machine would have had any idea that it was running windows if it wasn't for the fact that it had a BSOD up.

Comment Re:Umm.. just as Europe moves beyond chip and pin. (Score 1) 731

I always write See ID on my card in place of a signature. Sometimes they even look at it and ask for my ID! When they do I always make sure to thank them for asking. I realize this doesn't help if my credit card number is stolen, but at least it might help somewhat if someone were to steal my wallet. The signature system is a joke.

Comment Re:Fuck Beta (Score 1) 204

I've been visiting slashdot for about the same amount of time. Yesterday I was redirected to the beta. I immediately logged in to look for a way to set it to default to classic, but couldn't find one. The day that classic slashdot is gone is the last day I'll visit slashdot.

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