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Comment Potential Employees vs. Potential Welfare-ites (Score 1) 819

So if I understand this article correctly, companies are having trouble finding workers who can pass a drug test in a pre-hire investigation. Yet lots of people complain about how unfair it is to drug test welfare recipients, and almost none are caught. So if both these facts are correct, people who want to work are a lot more likely to smoke marijuana than those who want to go on welfare. Yessssss, makes perfect sense to me. Maybe, just maybe, the people wanting to go on welfare who know they are going to fail the drug test simply don't take the test.

Comment It has been tried before (Score 1) 287

I saw something like this at least thirty years ago, I think in "Life" magazine. It was a small golden valve meant to be implanted in the vas deferens. Since I have never heard anything else about it in the ensuing decades, until now, I suspect it did not work then, nor will it now. Too bad, it is an interesting concept and it would be nice to have a reliable but easily reversible contraceptive system for men.

Comment Re:Lesson of the day: (Score 1) 271

I really don't get the irrational hatred for lawyers on Slashdot. It's possible that the facts here will show that the law firm has broken a professional code of conduct, which if their jurisdiction is like mine carries penalties under the law. You might as well say "never, never trust a black man" after the hundredth item of news about a black man committing a violent crime, conveniently ignoring the other x million non-violent black men.

Let me summarise as simply as possible: lawyers provide advice and speak on your behalf in defending your rights under the law. That's all they do. They don't get to make law and they'll face worse consequences than a layperson if they break it. If you don't like the law - and there are lots of laws not to like - then by attacking the lawyers you are essentially saying, "I believe the problem is not some particular law but that we even have the rule of law." You are annoyed because some legislative process exists which gives rights and duties and there are remedies for enforcing those rights and duties. But ubi remedium ibi ius: there is no law/justice without a means of enforcing it.

Your problem is with your legislature, a corrupt shower of bastards voted in by an ignorant population. We have a similar problem on the other side of the pond, although in our case it's more apathetic cynicism than mindless patriotism. Deal with them and let your judiciary enforce the laws you want. Common law systems are really top of their class, as far as this planet goes.

Excellent commentary. I am a lawyer, and I consider myself an ethical person both on the job and off. I will not take cases that have bad karma attached to them, and I have turned many down. I suppose some of you will discount everything I say because of my profession, and I understand that. But I still assure you that I speak the truth, and I went to law school to help people, not destroy them. That being said, it appears on these facts that the lawyers at Pepper Hamilton at the very least behaved foolishly by not keeping an important client in the loop. Facts may prove otherwise, but the appearances are not so good, and appearances should be extremely important to a law firm.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 1) 465

"The only evidence to support it is that it's due to excess carbon dioxide..." Wow! Are you suggesting that there is no evidence that the entirely predictable solar/sunspot cycle might be a factor in this phenomenon? Even if I attempt to control for my confirmation bias, the evidence that CO2 is a factor in global warming is exceedingly slender, and the sunspot cycle is infinitely more likely. I am not a global warming skeptic, since I don't believe that climate is static, but I find the evidence that mankind is a factor to be exceedingly problematic, driven almost exclusively by entities that have something to gain from the connection, or by irredeemably tainted sources like Al (crazed sex-poodle) Gore. Al Gore owns two mansions and travels almost exclusively by private jet. I don't want to hear a thing about AGW until Al Gore acts like he thinks it is reality. Right now Al Gore has as much credibility with me as that other high priest of nutty religions, Warren Jeffs.

Comment Portal of Evil is offline also (Score 1) 432

So far I don't think anyone else has mentioned the possible demise of Portal of Evil. If I recall correctly, Old Man Murray was hosted by the same people who host(ed) Portal of Evil. POE has been down for at least ten days now, when you go to the URL http://portalofevil.com/ you get a Red Hat test page. Could there be a relationship between these events somehow?

Comment Decreasing use equals increasing taxes (Score 1) 555

When Atlanta was in drought a few years ago they managed to get people to conserve water. Then the city starting crying they were losing income because of reduced water usage, and increased fees on water. Government leeches NEVER back off. If we use less fuel because of better mileage vehicles. government leeches will increase the tax to make up for it. These new regulations will save us exactly nothing, and in fact will almost certainly cost us more because the vehicles are more expensive and the government will raise taxes to make up for the revenue otherwise lost. Only an abject fool would trust the government on an issue like this.

Comment Re:Prior Art: Beethoven (Score 1) 93

My understanding is that Beethoven held a ruler (or equivalent) between his teeth and rested it on the piano so he could hear it. And it would most likely have been a piano rather than a clavichord, which even in Beethoven's day was considered an old-fashioned instrument. Cristofori invented the piano in about 1707, and the other keyboard instruments (harpsichord, clavichord, virginal, essentially everything except organ) fell out of favor after the advantages of the piano became obvious.

Comment Lamarckism (Score 2, Interesting) 232

According to TFA: 'In fact, the slugs incorporate the genetic material so well, they pass it on to further generations of slugs." Isn't this the long-discredited (allegedly) Lamarckism? Passing on acquired characteristics to the next generation is Lamarckism. And if this isn't Lamarckism, could someone explain why I am wrong? And how can there be 210 comments and, as far as I can tell, no one else noticed this?

Comment My own dancing cockatoo (Score 5, Interesting) 104

I have a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, and he dances constantly, all the while chanting "dance dance dance." He also chants "shake shake shake your booty" while dancing. I didn't try to teach him either of these things, he taught himself. Of course I taught him the words, but not on purpose, he just picked them up from me. I take him in the shower with me about once a week, and encourage him to shake off before I take him out of the shower stall by telling him to "shake your little white booty" and singing a bit of KC and the Sunshine Band. He also likes music, especially opera, and will sing along with the women, but not the men. He speaks to me with appropriate responses on a regular basis. If one of my other birds gets off its cage he will say "get back on your cage" at it. They are much smarter and aware than most people give them credit for.

Comment Re:Dysgenics (Score 1) 857

As is so often the case, ridicule and the occasional "fuck you" from typically sharp-witted Slashdotters has caused me to reexamine and abandon my previous position, and reveals that I am completely in thrall to confirmation bias. How could I have been so foolish as to construct my argument in such a way that any exception thereto would disprove it? I wish I had had enough sense not to claim that all people on welfare should be immediately sterilized. And the reference to Stephen Hawking is particularly devastating; who would have thought that a Cambridge Fellow would be on welfare? Mea culpa, my brilliant Godwinian friends, I am covered in shame. Now excuse me while I go discard all my Nazi memorabilia.

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