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Comment Re:disposable tech (Score 1) 418

Very good point, thank you for that. I get caught up in all the reports of planned obsolescence and unrepairable things and fail to realize the current reality; as shown in your example. Hopefully projects like ecoATM and the increase in electronics recycling at local dumps will help reduce the amount of waste created by all our new tech, at the very least.

Comment disposable tech (Score 1) 418

The culture of repair, a term used by a colleague of mine, has been on life support, at best, for a long time now (if it isn't already dead and buried). As much as the facts surrounding the Surface Pro and the inability to repair it are unfortunate, I wonder if people really expect to be able to fix their gadgets any more.

Comment What's going on? (Score 1) 1

If this is true then what's happening to journalistic objectivity, never mind integrity? It hasn't been perfect, mind you, but this is ridiculous. And the link refers to similar treatment on Top Gear; IE a deliberate attempt to make the vehicles look bad.

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