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Comment Re:Counts (Score 2, Interesting) 95

"Both men face a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on one count of conspiring to cause damage to a protected computer and to commit fraud."

To bad there weren't some PC's compromised in Maricopa County Arizona. If so they should be sent over to that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and be on the chain gang for the whole 5 years. Yes I know it's voluntary (last I heard), but have a special one for some offenders. Or better yet have other states grow a backbone and have chain gangs set up in northern cold states in the US patching pot holes!!


Comment Re:Cost of energy (Score 1) 315

Ok I've been watching Doomsday or Armageddon week on History. They actually said that "Global Warming" maybe due to earth's wobbling and we are close to the 13,000 or 26,000 year shift. We are really close to the farthest tilting angle (move 1 degree every 72 year). Showed the stars and stuff and got me thinking. What about having 2 times a year around 10 or 11pm at night (summer), 8 or 9pm (winter) to turn off as many lights as possible for 1/2 hour so people can see how many stars there really are.? Enough time to drive out enough of most cities since can't turn off all the lights. Maybe different dates in other parts of the country to pick the best dates for there viewing angles (if it matters). I was thinking the other night that once we had almost all cars driving on the road with LED headlamps (it will be many years). On highways we could just have the lights off. They would still have them if you break down, motion detectors or something else. If on a motorcycle maybe just have to push a button on it. Expensive to have all of this so wouldn't happen for a decade or so if they are already planning on updating to energy efficient stuff.

Comment Re:Open source (Score 1) 140

Use Tor and/or I2P. I2P's new website is this is also open source. I used it off and on for a couple years. I haven't for 9 months or so, but did clean install recently and planning on using it again. I just have to find another Firefox proxy instead of SwitchProxy since it interferes with my saved sessions in Tab Mix Plus's (use a lot). In response to GIFC's tools being infected. Use and scan it with them, they use many Anti-Virus vendors (I think that's what that anonymous user posted) and if Kaspersky and NOD32 don't show any problems then chances are it's safe.

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