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Comment Re:Add the cheats as features to the game (Score 3, Funny) 289

Attempt 1) get shot down
Attempt 2) get shot down
Attempt 3) get stuck in tree and then shot
Attempt 4) get shot down
Attempt 5) get stuck in tree and spend 5 minutes press the 'escape' key then get shot on ground
Attempt 6) get shot down
Attempt 7) kill some nazis then get shot
Attempt 8) get shot down
Attempt 9) get shot down
Attempt 10) get shot down
Attempt 11) get shot down
Attempt 12) be sneakier and kill more nazis then get shot
Attempt 13) download FAQ and type special 'idkfa' cheat and walk around like Rambo and have more fun playing the video game as escapism where you become a hero. You've just had your fill of realism, now you want entertainment. You want to play the role of the top 1% that didn't die or get wounded instead of just another peon.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - First Direct3D game and benchmarks

An anonymous reader writes: Relic released a patch for Company of Heroes, their RTS set in WW2, May 31st to make it the first commercial game to take advantage of Microsoft's Direct3D 10 API. This patch adds half a dozen graphical improvements when run in d3d10 mode to a game that already was one of the prettiest RTS games out there. Legit Reviews is the first to provide benchmarks of three of nvidia's 8800 variations against AMD's 2900 to see how the new chips stack up when running a game in the API they were designed for.

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