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Comment Re:Radical Fucking Concept (Score 1) 160

You know how in Pitch Black, Riddick was a true anti-hero: A complete asshole who only looked out for himself, and several times almost abandoned his party to save himself? And then in Chronicles of Riddick he was a PG-13 action hero who lost all of the qualities that made him so interesting in the first one? Yeah, in this new movie they should do the opposite of that and make him back into a criminal who takes the path of least resistance to make his life better, not a brooding, angsty douche bag.

Comment Re:FP (Score 1) 465

The original Rainbow Six had this figured out. It was really really hard to hit a moving target while sniping, the hitboxes were very precise (unlike CS) forget about trying to snipe anything while moving and camping led to a frag to the face because the grenades actually worked in that game (again, unlike CS). It was the most realistic game I've ever played, and it wasn't lame because they made sure it wasn't tedious to play. It's quite possible to have realism that isn't lame, it's just hard to do, which is probably why no one tries.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 712

This whole thing is a load of crap. Look at how small computers have gotten in the past decade. In 1999, the smallest cell phone was the size of a computer mouse, and had basic calling and texting capabilities. Current phones are smaller, and can browse the internet, play video games, take videos and pictures, and act as GPS devices. Just because our computers aren't getting faster in the area of pure brute strength doesn't mean progress is slowing down.

Look at cars. In 1999 a car with 300 horsepower was ungodly powerful, and was probably expected to get about 12/18 city/highway. Today, a car with anything less than 250 horsepower is probably going to be in an entry level market and is expected to get at least 20 mpg city. All but the most basic and barebones cars sold today have traction control systems with a computer making a hundred measurements a on speed, wheelspin, yaw, braking force every second. Cars today are emitting less pollutants but making more horsepower.

In 1999, I was one of maybe 20 kids in my rather affluent high school of about 4000 with a cable connection, and then it was only because I got my dad hooked on Rogue Spear, and it wasn't cheap either. We had a really good connection at about 800kbs down and 20kbs up. Now, it's blase to have a 10/1mbps connection.

Again, just because our processor speed isn't increasing as fast as it once did does not mean that our progression is slowing down.

Comment Re:Ouch. Torturous. (Score 1) 161

What if it's a hundred monkeys? A million monkeys? A billion? What if there's a 5% chance it might help? What if it's a researcher who thinks it might help, but hasn't been right to date?

To the victor go the spoils. Sorry monkeys, but we're more evolved, and even though it might be horrific, we're going to use you to make sure that we, the more highly evolved humans, continue to stay on top and prosper. Thanks though, we appreciate your willingness to get shot into space.

Comment Re:Kaku's a barking moron (Score 1) 799

I have no idea whose side he's on... science's, or woo-woo Earth First nutcases.

See, stupid me, here I wasn't aware you had to pick sides. I thought beliefs could lie throughout a spectrum and they didn't have to be some sort of diametrically opposed "you're either for me or against me" nonsense. Silly me.

Comment Re:Colony practice? (Score 1) 519

But people might then think, hey why bother landing humans on Mars, we'll just stay in our comfy space stations and send robot probes down to mars, while we mine the asteroids (and build more probes if necessary).

I disagree. There will always be explorers and adventurers in the human race. The people that sailed West to get to the Orient, the people who wanted to be the first to break the sound barrier, the first men on the moon. There will always be humans who want to leave their comfy homes and explore new places.

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