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Comment Performance testing script/VPN relatively closeby (Score 1) 174

The easiest would be a script like this: 1. Connect to one of the VPNs 2. Run a generic performance test (ping, dropped packets, jitter, t/x rates, etc), preferably against the Battlefield server (or the same neighborhood as the server) 3. Store values of the performance test 4. Repeat using the other VPN 5. Compare values, use the VPN that has the best values from the performance test I doubt that using VPNs as a "duplex" is possible, or necessary, even. Just get a VPN that's as close as possible in terms of network distance to reduce the tension your network is receiving and you (probably) won't have to deal with any of this; get one with a high quality route and it *might* improve your ping. If the VPN doesn't solve your problem, you should definitely consider a ISP switch, as painful as it may be.

Comment Re:The NSA hates competition (Score 1) 195

And they gained another tool! Win-win!

This is child's play compared to what the NSA has; in no way shape or form does this present "competition." A typical NSAer would say something along the lines of "Does it even have a 0day?" This tool implies you have to have some form of access to the device, or you have to fool the user into installing it, or you have to have your own exploit.

Comment Re:Performance improvements have helped it survive (Score 2) 511

"But the VM technology in Java has gotten so sophisticated it isn't significantly behind languages like C/C++ in terms of performance, and that can't be ignored." I highly disagree. First, For every level of abstract sophistication you add, you may increase the 'agility' of the language, however you are still farther away from raw machine code. Java is notorious for stacking crap on top of crap on top of crap. Second, Java is far behind in performance. Any true huge performance gains are usually done with the aid of a third-party library, coded in C/C++. Java still can't do integer math anywhere near the speed of C. Java WILL NEVER be as fast as C/C++, because C/C++ isn't run as interpreted bytecode. It compiles straight to machine code. In these terms, this is more a physics problem, not (just) a code problem.

Comment Why Java? PASCAL is THE learning language (Score 2) 511

I really wish the academic world would go back to the actual proper learning languages, such as PASCAL. In my university, the introductory course for programming is C++ (as a freshman.) C++ has little 'English logic.' However, if you know English, you should be able to read PASCAL code much better than C/Java code. PASCAL is closer to pseudocode, which is (usually) the first assignment in these classes. Why would you jump from pseudocode to a 'stricter language' like Java? What does /. think?

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