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Comment Where are the recipes? (Score 1) 655

I think one of the big hurdles to eating insects is a clean food supply.
Currently you can't just go to a shop and buy crickets for instance, and the ones in your basement are probably not sanitary.

Also, where are the recipes? How do you cook ants? How do you cook crickets? What parts are okay to eat, and what parts are just chitin?

I don't know enough about how to cook them, nor do I know what to cook them with.
It is not that we don't have the stomach for it, it's simply a matter of how to cook them and how to make them tasty.

I remember back in the 80s when escargot was considered disgusting, and when people would talk about eating sushi and others would interject 'but won't that make you sick?' the same with steak tartare. People get over the gross factor if they can try it and it's tasty, but they need to have a source that is readily available for them to jump on the bandwagon.

Comment They will need to make hardware stores illegal (Score 5, Informative) 551

It sounds like the police have never heard of PA Luty. check out some of the designs folks. You could make a MACHINE GUN that would be fully functional from nothing more than parts you bought at a hardware store. It would cost you about 200 bucks or so in tools and parts.

Comment It's okay guys (Score 1) 254

There hasn't been a good game out of Lucas Arts in years. SWTOR was a crapfest and nothing else came from them in recent memory that was remotely good. EA will create more craptastic star wars tie ins while watering down the brand and it will be like star trek games, they always come close but never really do it right.

Comment Re:This game is NOT pay to win (Score 1) 157

I just thought about an aspect of the game that has not been talked about much.

There are other upgrades other than purchasable ones.

Your specialties can be upgraded ONLY with Cert points.

Do understand, you cannot purchase cert points, however you can boost how fast you can acquire them (even effectively double them with a subscription).

So you can level your guy slow or fast depending on the certs.

the nice thing about this is you get a sense of progression with or without boosts.

to give an idea of the feel of boosts to xp gain I'll use a game to game comparison

a 50% boost is kind of like leveling in vanilla WoW compared to vanilla EQ
a 50% boost with a sub is like leveling in current WoW compared to vanilla EQ.

I hope this helps to clarify the pay to win fallacy.

Comment Re:LOve the game, hate the real money bullshit (Score 1) 157

you are so completely correct, they offered a game that was awesome for free, and gave you the option of grinding out weapons (which doesnt take inordinately long compared to let's say. . . vanguard or EQ2) or just buying them with real world money.

you can choose to buy or not buy, it's up to you, but you are not a weak target without paying which is totally fine.

sony did this one right

Comment Re:Tried it last night. (Score 1) 157

Since you mentioned performance issues, I thought I'd let you know that Lupreza (sonys rep) mentioned in the last live stream they are currently working on a huge patch that will be a major optimization revamp for large battles. Many folks have experienced some drop outs or errors in the client with hundreds of people in battles, and this is being addressed with the major patch. So keep an eye out, I have a feeling it will be coming in a few weeks from the way she was talking.

Comment This game is NOT pay to win (Score 1) 157

I began playing this game about a week ago.

I am a huge hater of games like APB that give real money advantages to other players.

This game does have weapon upgrades and xp boosts for real money.
You do NOT have to buy these to be competitive.

Every race has different specialties, Terran Republic for instance has a stock pistol that is one of the best in the game. Everyone gets one of these from day one who chooses this race.

Vanu has one of the better submachine guns and definitely the best plane,(scythe) stock, no money spent.

New Conglomerate has one of the best noob sniper rifles. Sure, it's range and damage is not as good as the purchasable one, however it's rate of fire is better and it can one shot unsuspecting light infantry.

With all that said, I DID spend 50 bucks on station cash (yesterday during the special 3x station cash bonus) and it was nice to get some new guns. I still find myself swapping to non purchasable guns for many situations, however, so their utility should not be dogged because they are not purchased weapons.

All weapons in the game are sidegrades, not upgrades.

I would highly recommend you try it out. It's free. What have you got to lose?

Also, get into an organized outfit. It's really important to have an organized outfit or you will be kind of floating in limbo and not really know what to do.

I am currently running with the Devil Dogs, which is one of the largest operations in the game, and I love it.

There are other large operations as well for each faction, Vanu and TR, and the beautiful thing is, that at the end of the day, the large ops all still have respect for eachother and still work together to have huge battles over the continents.

If you are interested in a live stream, check out the twitch live streams and you can see for yourself how the game plays from the friday night ops:

Honestly, those that feel this game is currently milking people like LoL by being pay to win are certainly mistaken.

If you simply put 20 bucks in you can get your class outfitted with every weapon you'd want for multiple play styles, or you could just farm the certs (basically xp) for a week or so and have them as well. It is really free, I just CHOSE to put money in, not because I was impatient, but because it's really a good game and I felt 50 bucks was better money spent than if I bought another CoD clone.

As for the folks talking about aimbotters etc, they are horribly mistaken.

I can pop a guy in the head from 130 yards currently as they are running with my sniper rifle. It takes practice, but it can be done. There are some speed hackers out there and some other folks doing whacky things, however it is such a low rate it has no bearing on the game. If you are in an organized outfit, you just send 40 guys at the hackers spawn and he's dead. He cannot get back and his little cheese game is ruined in a few minutes.

So yes, this game is the real deal. I am not affiliated in any way with Sony, and you can also tell by my post history and my SD number that I'm not some new guy just making shit up. So yeah, download it and try it, if you like it come on and hang out. IF you roll NC on Connery give a shout out to the devil dogs, and if you roll TR or Vanu, feel free to die by my hand you evil emperial or alien scum! :-)

Comment supporting this is going to be a nightmare (Score 3, Interesting) 442

I have a hard enough time telling people how to open control panel or the printers section in windows using keyboard shortcuts and CPL commands, I can't imagine having them use this completely useless navigation system.

I really don't understand why MS always tries to change what we know. Why can't they stop moving things around and decide on a file structure and basic command structure that NEVER changes?

Comment Re:The real state of Diablo III (Score 2) 237

I agree with OP.

My roomates have decided to buy D3, I am going to be the outsider on this one.

I bought SWTOR and was heavily disappointed, I'm not buying any more games that 'might' be what I want.
The DRM really seals the deal for me, if it weren't for that I'd probably buy it just to toss on my laptop to play once in a while, but with the DRM, it's just craptastic garbage.

Comment Re:morons (Score 1) 2288

while this may seem elementary to you, construction requires a lot of tricks that are based on the old system and not the metric system

for instance all studs in a building are spaced 14.5 inches apart which allows for a load every 16 inches. (2x4 boards are 1.5 inches wide so you have 3/4 inch compensation between the board loads).

This is just 1 small thing, but imagine having to rework every blueprint for every house in America.

It's just 1 example, but it is a HUGE undertaking.

Comment Dont feel too bad for this guy (Score 3) 165

He made over $700,000 on these counterfeited games.

He actually turned in over $360,000 IN CASH after being caught.

He was not a petty guy just making some copies for his friends etc.
So yeah, seriously, don't try and compare this guy to any fair use idea whatsoever, it's just going to hurt the whole fair use argument if you use him as an example.

It's guys like this that make it hard for the rest of us who just want to backup a game or install on another PC.


Seller of Counterfeit Video Games Gets 30 Months 165

wiredmikey writes "The FBI reported this week that Qiang 'Michael' Bi, of Powell, Ohio was sentenced to 30 months in prison for selling more than 35,000 illegally copied computer games over the Internet between 2005 and 2009. According to a statement of facts read during Bi's plea hearing, agents executed a search warrant at Bi's house and found multiple CD duplicators and more than 1,000 printed counterfeit CDs. Some of the CDs were still in the duplicator. During their investigation, agents learned that Bi would buy a single copy of a game, illegally duplicate it and sell the copies on and He also set up a website for customers to download the games they bought. Bi accepted payment through eBay and PayPal accounts in his name and in others' names."

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