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Comment Re:That is fast! (Score 1) 100

The problem with Broken Steel raising the level cap to 30 was that it basically trivialized the portion of the game with regards to "it's better to be a specialist then a generalist" aspect. With 10 more levels, it was pretty easy to get to 90+ in all skills.

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition fixes this with its "level 30 balance" module, you get a lot less points to distribute. FWE also uses skill books to give you perks instead of skill points. The end result is that you actually have to specialize in certain skills.

What really annoys me is the "almost perfect" perk added by BS. Why did I waste my perks doing all that Intense Training, when Broken Steel comes along and all my SPECIALs can go up to 9 at once? It also makes it way to easy to max out your character, just wait until you get the perk and then grab the bobbleheads.


Submission + - SPAM: The Dark Web project vs. online terrorists

alphadogg writes: University of Arizona scientists are ganging up through their Dark Web project to sniff out terrorists online. Among other things, they're able to recognize the writing of terrorists and figure out when they make new postings, who is commenting on them and where the message is spreading online. [spam URL stripped]

Submission + - Radio Frequencies Release Hyrdogen in Salt Water ( 2

SuperMallen writes: According to this AP article, a cancer researcher in Erie, PN has made a discovery whereby firing certain radio frequencies into salt water causes the salt water gives up its hydrogen, which can then be burned. Considering that salt water is the most abundant resource on the planet, the long-term fuel implications are vast.

Submission + - Washington Post Notices Ron Paul Exists, Won Poll (

MBCook writes: "Today the Washington Post printed an article titled "Ron Paul Takes the Ribbon in State Fair's GOP Straw Poll" in which they point out that not only did he win the Maryland straw poll by 43 votes, but how well his grass-roots campaign is run. The article quotes state Republican party vice-chair Chris Cavey: "The final vote showing Ron Paul won is a lesson for all campaigns of how grass-roots politics can make all the difference.""

Submission + - AMD/ATI's opensource efforts revealed

mattaw writes: Phoronix have revealed in some detail the plan of AMD/ATI to support a community written Radeon opensource driver.

To whit, they are releasing specs and some example code under NDA and an opensource library that connects to the card's BIOS. They already have XOrg developers onboard and have also attracted Jerome Glisse who reverse engineered ATI cards to make the Avivio driver (incidentally probably killing that driver but the new ATI open driver will surely benefit from his excellent work).

While not completely open, this is pretty open for starters, HOWEVER I for one am not certain of things like support for hardware video decoding or extra on board hardware (TV-Out etc.).

Checkout the final comments: "The aim of this open-source driver is not to overtake the fglrx driver but rather is designed for those who just want a working desktop with 3D capabilities and basic video playback. This new driver is ideal for FOSS enthusiasts and those wishing to run the latest development kernels and versions of X.Org."

Still there is no argument that this is a brilliant result.

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