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Submission + - Preferred Video Encoding Formats

Sassinak writes: "So here I am, at a cross roads. I'm in the process of converting my video library into a more "portable" format. That brings to mind the video formats that one can encode things into. (discounting containers like MKV, AVI, OGM, etc..) Obviously there is DIVX (4/5/6) which most hardware players support these days, Vorbis (OGM's partner in crime), WMV (which I REALLY don't want to do but is gaining support), and the new player on the block, H.264/AVC.

I've run tests against DIVX vs. H.264, and for the most part, H.264 yields similar results at a lower bit rate. But my question(s) for the crowd is: Have you seen a increase in hardware (device) support for h.264/AVC? What are the best tools under UNIX (solaris) and/or Linux for this purpose. (taking MPEG2 streams into the video formats I mentioned) And of course, what is the best "universal" format for video. (Movies, vs. music videos, vs. home movies, vs. that campy office video)."
United States

Submission + - All Heil Bush and the fourth reich

Sassinak writes: "In a move pretty that pretty much convinces me that we are really in a dark time, George W. "Bean" Bush signs a Bill ( : ) which grants further powers to the president and his group. This Bill pretty much strips powers from the federal courts of their rights and duty to hear petitions for a writ of habeas corpus, which allow prisoners to challenge their confinement under Constitutional principles.

The new law, called the Military Commissions Act of 2006, will allow rough treatment during interrogations, so long as the President designates a practice not to be torture. But he is permitted to interpret international law forbidding torture to suit himself. (which can pretty much mean anything) Only monstrous abuse, reaching the level of a war crime, such as rape, mutilation, and the like, are expressly forbidden. And prisoners will not be granted legal counsel during interrogations.

Taxi.... Take me to the airport."

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