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Comment Re:Portfolio Management (Score 1) 304

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This is really something that needs to be done by your PMO. (If you don't have one, this would be a perfect example of why you need one!) The PMO should be conducting periodic reviews on all of the projects in progress or in queue, analyzing and prioritizing them on both quantitative and qualitative factors. This should include such things as financial benefit (NPV/IRR/ROI), alignment with the company's strategic goals, risk, etc. Projects are then prioritized by score. Projects at the top of the list get the funds and staff to complete them, those at the bottom do not.

Comment Re:Subscription anyone? (Score 1) 64

I think, as long as the price point is reasonable, that this business model could be great for both EA and consumers alike. The model they are describing is more akin to the Netflix model than the WoW model. Essentially, you pay some sort of fee and you have access to ALL of the their games on ANY platform. I haven't purchased any EA Sports games in years because of having to pay $180+ every year just to get the latest content for my 3 sports games of choice. Using this model, I can pick up and play my 3 favorite titles, plus any others if the mood strikes me, and I do not have to worry about paying the yearly EA tax.

Of course, this is all dependent on my original caveat: the price. In my case, the price will have to be low enough to provide some reasonable level of saving, i.e. $10-$12/mo at most. If EA is smart, and of course that's a big "if", they will pick a price point that will attract more casual players.

Side note: If this post is somewhat incoherent and disjointed, it's because I haven't had my coffee yet this morning.

Comment Re:Thought Question (Score 1) 184

Why would Google hurt it's own revenues like that? I think it would be more effective, not to mention hilariously ironic, if Google removed EVERY index for each song/movie/etc they demanded be taken down. If no one is able to find the copyrighted material (whether legal or not), there's no way they can sue Google for linking to it.

Comment Re:1 Month after the institute this system... (Score 3, Funny) 352

"You fly to Europe or Canada, and their security personnel have a clue - they're practical, they keep a sharp eye out, and they use the right response for the situation at hand."

The problem is that here in the U.S. we have to be oh so politically correct at all times. We have to treat 74 year old white-haired grandmothers *exactly* the same way as we treat 20-something guys with a bread and a strong middle-eastern accent when everyone knows that the odds of someone from either of these two groups doing something harmful on a flight are massively skewed towards the latter group.

I think the potential threat of the latter group would depend on what type of bread that 20-something middle-eastern guy has. Pita? Not too worrisome. White? Not too bad. Whole wheat? A little unnerving. French? Time for the full body scan.

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