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Comment I'm amazed they still have this page up. (Score 2) 68

I'll post my comment before I post the text. Fuck you google not for abandoning another service, but for making me believe.

From here

What is "service choice" and how does Google Talk enable it?

Service choice is something you have with email and, for the most part, with your regular phone service today. This means that regardless of whom you choose as your email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, your school or ISP, etc), you can email anyone who is using another service provider. The same applies to phone service. You can call someone even if they do not use the same phone company as you do. This allows you to choose your service provider based on other more important factors, such as features, quality of service, and price, while still being able to talk to anyone you want.

Unfortunately, the same is not true with many popular IM and VOIP networks today. If the people you want to talk to are all on different IM/VOIP services, you need to sign up for an account on each service and connect to each service to talk to them.

The Google Talk network supports open interoperability with hundreds of other communications service providers through a process known as federation. This means that a user on one service can communicate with users on another service without needing to sign up for, or sign in with, each service.

Comment How is google controlling the code? (Score 1) 60

I'm not a fanboy of google, and really it's solely developed by them and periodically has an open source snapshot, but what's stopping them from taking a snapshot and running with it? If they do things against the TOS, they'll lose the google apps, but they can do with it as they wish outside of that can't they?

Just not seeing how google's control is stopping them.

Comment my nexus player does this (Score 1) 159

I have a nexus player which I like, but if I cast anything to it, or play local content with MX player I get the soap opera effect making a 24 fps movie look like it's at 60. Is it the Nexus player doing this or my TV? I've posted elsewhere and some said it's my TV but if so, wouldn't it do it with everything? Like Netflix YouTube etc.

Drives me nuts.

Comment Re:THIS I'm OK with. (Score 2) 53

Why is it a bad thing? let's say for sake of argument that the tech works and it's significantly safer than human drivers. Is it still a bad thing? I read that there are on average 40,000 fatalities due to driving in the US each year. I can only imagine the world wide figure. And that doesn't include devastating accidents where someone is crippled for example and other serious injuries. No solution is perfect but lets say the figures drop to 10,000. Are you still against it? And are you only against it because of tech replacing people? Would you rather the figure stay at 40,000 simply for the sake of keeping humans doing this? (driving in this case)

You say tech is supposed to help people not replace them, I'm sorry but that's pretty much what all technology does. It does what was once previously done by a human. From bank tellers to automotive assembly to farming equipment and on and on. I once read an article talking about technology and it said it's going to eliminate capitalism. Capitalism at it's heart is to pay a human being for goods or services that person provides. Well, technology devalues that work and makes it cheaper.

So if you are against technology replacing people well you are pretty much against technology in general. What was once man work becomes machine work. It's been going on for ages since the invention of the plow, it's just that now we are going to see this accelerate at a very dramatic rate.

Comment Re:Apple may outlive Acer - But will they make PCs (Score 1) 417

IBM needed three years to make it in house, but they only gave themselves one due to the apple threat. Because of this they had to use off the shelf components with the only thing proprietary being the bios. Compaq reverse engineered and the rest is history.

In doing this IBM.created the standard pc buy I often wondered if IBM did have the time how different the picture would be.

Comment Re:Been there, done that. (Score 2) 52

To back this further, see the episode the nature of things called lights out!

One I interesting bit they noticed nurses working night shifts had a higher rate of breast cancer. This was suspected to be related to their prolonged elevated melatonin due to too long light exposure. Their solution was to give them glasses filtering out blue light while working.

Comment Re:Not their fault (Score 1) 259

I always kind of wished this wasn't possible. Has it always been possible? Meaning sites like http://ip-to-country.webhostin... that track this stuff, how do they know some new isp has this block of ip addresses and is from country X? Was this possible in say 1997?

For ex. if a brand new small local isp springs up is there ever a window where their block of ip addresses is not yet geo-located yet?

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