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Submission + - Opera 9.1 released, Opera for Wii coming Friday

SargeantLobes writes: Opera has just released Opera 9.1 introducing their take on Fraud Protection (anti phising) powerd by GeoTrust, from TA:
Among all of the available sources of phishing data, Opera chose PhishTank, operated by OpenDNS and its community members who have shared their stories and experiences at Gift of Safe — a community collaboration between My Opera and OpenDNS.

This has been a busy week so far for Opera, aside from a couple of stories here on slashdot, the company announced yesterday that Opera for Nintendo Wii will be made available for free download on Friday (December 22nd).

Submission + - Apple gives MacBook an upgrade

SargeantLobes writes: Several days ago Apple upgraded the MacBook configuration. They now come equipped with a Core 2 Duo processor, just like the MacBook Pro's (which received the same upgrade several weeks ago).
Whether or not any of the old problems (discoloring, overheating) have been solved too, is unclear.
With no apparent increase in price Mac's now seem to be just as (in)expensive as PC's. Will this motivate more people to "Get a Mac", or will they hold out for Leopard (due Spring 2007) instead?

Submission + - Steal this film

SargeantLobes writes: Steal this film is the first part of a free documentary series about file-sharing. This part focuses on The Pirate Bay, and copyfighters Piratbyran.
From their website: "There have been a few documentaries by 'old media' crews who don't understand the net and see peer-to-peer organisation as a threat to their livelihoods. They have no reason to represent the filesharing movement positively. And no capacity to represent it lucidly."
"The film is free for you to share, watch on your DVD-player or on your iPod, or show in cinemas."
Torrents are available on their website, or watch part one, two, three and four on YouTube.

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