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Comment Re:Windows 10 update? (Score 2) 141

I can tell you are an insider, and so am I. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!! Now when I login to DLnet no matter the browser its a crap shoot whether or not I will login. I always get security issues left and right. The new website is pretty but what good is it if when I need to list for a flight I have to wait an unknown amount of time before I can actually get in. A horrible decision on their part and I hope they're moving away from microsoft garbage.

Comment Re:Secret? No. (Score 1) 364

Serious question, and this is what keeps me from doing my repairs and why I had my MBA battery replaced at the apple store: How do you know you are getting OEM parts that can live up to new product expectations? I've bought plenty of cell phone batteries over the years only to be burned (pun intended) by very good looking knockoffs.

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