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Comment Re:Go ahead, get rid of the 'phone jack... (Score 1) 332

My friend, I hope this has been a valuable lesson for you. It should have been obvious several posts ago with all the ducking and weaving around sales vs market share that you're talking with an unrelenting Apple fanboy, but we're all only human, and in the heat of the moment it's easy to miss the signs.

Next time, I trust you'll spot the warning signs earlier and bow out before it's too late.


Ransomware Infects a Hotel's Key System ( 203

An anonymous reader writes: A luxury hotel "paid "thousands" in Bitcoin ransom to cybercriminals who hacked into their electronic key system. The "furious" hotel manager says it's the third time their electronic system has been attacked, though one local news site reports that "on the fourth attempt the hackers had no chance because the computers had been replaced and the latest security standards integrated, and some networks had been decoupled." The 111-year-old hotel is now planning to remove all their electronic locks, and return to old-fashioned door locks with real keys. But they're going public to warn other hotels -- some of which they say have also already been hit by ransomware.
UPDATE: The hotel's managing director has clarified today that despite press reports, "We were hacked, but nobody was locked in or out" of their rooms.

Comment The most important part (Score 1) 65

The signs are mostly a gimmick. The important part is to identify other vehicles to avoid dazzling them while keeping everything else well lit by main beams.

Hundreds of millions of people with reduced night vision that cannot (or should not) drive at night will be able to do it safely.

Comment I was born with the microprocessor (Score 3, Interesting) 74

I was born one the same date (... 4 digit slashdot id checks out...). I have been using microcomputers since I was 10. I have never worked at anything other than software and hardware development.

Our contemporary computing ecosystem has evolved from the microcomputers I was born with. They actually have some architectural details that can be traced to the 4004's successor, the 8008.

Our computers are not descendants of the mainframes that came before them. By now, they have acquired many of the advanced features of mainframes. Implemented badly, several decades later. It is fascinating to learn about the history of mainframes. It is also somewhat depressing.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do learn are doomed to watch everyone else repeat it.

Comment Claims in patent applications (Score 1) 202

1. Inventor makes some new and non-obvious improvement to prior art. "I did A with B using C by way of D"

2. In patent application, the patent editor tries to widen the claim to. "A with B using C", "A using C by way of D" or even all the way to the silly and obvious "A".

3. Patent examiner rejects most claims. Some widened claims, beyond what the inventor considered to be his invention, are accepted by the examiner because they really are novel and non-obvious. The patent is now more valuable too inventor (or, more often, his employer) because it covers more things.

This process of trying to extend the claims by making them more general is quite mechanical. Patent editors do it almost automatically and without really trying to think too hard if the result makes much sense.

Sometimes overworked examiners accept silly over-generalized claims on an application and it makes it into a granted patent. It is a serious problem with the system (or a win, if you are the submitting company). Such claims may be overturned later in court, but most patent lawsuits are settled out of court, never challenging such claims because of the costs and risks involved. This makes such over generalized patents a weapon for bullies.

Sometimes, if you are a high-profile company that is under the public eye, people will pick such unexamined claims in a patent application and make them into a silly headline "company X tries to patent obvious thing Y!!!".

Comment But what percentage of miles driven? (Score 1) 990

But the percentage of miles driven? This number is dominated by vehicles that run all day.

Yes, the vehicles we use for commute and errands can generally be replaced with electrics.

The vehicles for which someone is calculating an ROI run all day and have much bigger engines.

Long haul trucks. Distribution trucks. Farm machines and many others. There is no alternative for diesel fuel for these vehicles and nothing even remotely on the horizon.

If these vehicles stop running billions of people will starve within weeks.

Comment Parachutes, too. (Score 1) 257

Not just floss. Parachutes, too, suffer from a serious shortage of controlled trials demonstrating their efficacy.

Smith, Gordon CS, and Jill P. Pell. "Parachute use to
prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge:
systematic review of randomised controlled trials."
British Medical Journal 327.7429 (2003): 1459.

Article here.

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