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Comment Re:Go for it (Score 1) 1065

Why stop there? Mandatory breathalizers, no car stereos, barriers between the driver and occupants to cut out human interaction... wait. This is about human limitation? Fuck it, lets just trim the human. Shouldn't cars be driving themselves anyway? Data shows a lot of things. Scrambling cell phones in cars creates more problems than it solves.

Comment Re:My .02 cents (Score 1) 1540

And in the past 6 months of owning a Mac Mini, it's been frozen or "half-crashed" more than a dozen times that I've returned to it. The Apple-branded bluetooth keyboard works less frequently than the Logitech two-button bluetooth mouse I use with it, and even its performance it dodgy. Both iTunes and iMovie crash regularly, in fact almost every time I use them. I find the same phenomenon on every piece of non-Microsoft software I've ever used. Firefox 2.0 crashes more often than IE5 ever did, and IE5 crashed A LOT. I have more issues making Apache, PHP and MySQL play nicely together (especially after updates) on my Fedora-run server than I can remember ever having my IIS based 2003 Server machine at the office. I could go on and on with similar examples, but it really comes down to perception. I won't talk about business practices, who's done what to other competing companies, or talks of Monopoly or antitrust. I will say that on a software vs software basis, Windows competes in its segment just fine. Is Windows perfect, or even the best? No, not really, but my experience with the software and OS's I use certainly lends to the case that it's not exactly the worst, nor is it completely and thoroughly flawed either.

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