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Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Interesting) 177

While I love this decision also, I find it sad that we now applaud people who want to take care of their customers... Didn't that used to be a given?

Speaking as someone that handles consumer's problems - you are correct. There's nothing I hate more than hearing "Sorry for your inconvenience." - especially from airline employees!

Oh yeah! How about, the next time you're on strike and bitching about how you're not making enough, I walk up to you and say, "Sorry about the inconvenience!"

Here's the thing, with this shitty economy, companies are seeing the light! Amen! They're paying attention to customers. Just walk into a Home Depot now. I got asked 4 times if I found what I'm looking for! Now, they're pissing me off for being so helpful. Talk about the pendulum swinging!

P.S. To you Aladrin: I see that big orange ball by your userID. For what it's worth, whatever I said, I meant nothing personal, but I stand by my opinions. I take responsibility for what I've said that has offended you. Judge me as you will.

Comment Bull fucking shit. (Score 1, Flamebait) 913

You... you do realize that the congressmen don't spend all your taxes on themselves.... right? They do live on budgets, like "normal" people. Hell, a typical federal congressman makes only $170k a year. It's good money, to be sure, but it's WAY less than wall street bankers, major league athletes, TV personalities, etc...

Well, if it's so baaaad, then why don't they change the law so that they're compensated better?!? They are in the Legislature after all. If they were soooo hard up, they can just change the law. They have no problem giving themselves raises when they want to.

So, why do they do it? Hmmmmm?


Let me tell you another thing. They make a shit load of money outside of office. And if they get elected out of office they make a shit load of money as lobbyists.

Don't you dare defend those corrupt assholes! Those assholes who sell us out for perks, soft money, connections, etc....

You don't have to get a cash payout to be corrupt. The best payouts are connections and inside information.

Why is it that ALL Congressmen are millionaires or end up as such? Hmmmm?

Time and time again, we the people are sold out to big business when all of us do not want said legislation.

Man, I'm so angry with your defense of those asshole in Congress.

Comment Re:People find it humorous, but (Score 1) 422

At least this is better than some of the random blue laws on the books that you see, especially in some Southern and Mid-Western states. Things like, It is illegal to ride your Donkey down a state maintained road unless traveling at the proper speed limit

Whenever I see "At least..." in one's argument, I become a little wary. It just seams that many of the most restrictive laws are a culmination of laws and arguments that start off with "At least it is not ..."

Comment Re:I want insect eyes (Score 1) 422

The ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum would be great. Of course, seeing all the bodily fluid stains that people had THOUGHT they cleaned up might be a bit disgusting.

I like your idea. It would be a great way to find women or men, whatever floats one's boat, that do things that you're into without the awkwardness of beating around the bush to find out if they are.

Comment Re:oblig..... (Score 5, Funny) 93

Thank you. You saved Slashdot from this:

I'm thinking of a Fast Array of Gigabyte Systems or "FAGS" as opposed to FAWN.

Imagine talking to your admin in front of PC type of folks,

"Hey Lou, you did you get those new FAGS? That last ones broke down and were a real pain in the ass!"

"No Joe, we still have those old FAGS. The holes in those things were so big, anything could get in."

"Yeah, I know it. They were pigs too. Some of the fuses went. Things really got blown!"

"I tell ya! I tell ya! Hey, how are the boys in San Fransisco? I heard the FAGS vendor is really sticking it up their asses."

"Sort of. They were happy with their shot and reciprocated on the terms."

"Ah, good."

Comment Re:The big question that must be answered (Score 1) 784

My understanding (I'm not a lawyer) is that taxing interstate commerce is prohibited by the constitution (the root of all US law).

Of course you're not. No one is. Everyone on the internet isn't qualified to make any opinions because if we were, we wouldn't be giving them away for free online: we'd be paid big bucks for our knowledgeable opinion and wouldn't be here.

I'm just tired of reading the qualifiers. Even if you were, it wouldn't matter. For example, in my business law class, a classmate brought in his employment agreement that his new employer wanted him to sign. The lawyer looked at it and said, "Sign it and forget about it. It isn't enforceable in this state." Then the lawyer said, "Some companies have their general council write these things for all of their offices when what they write may be legal in their state, but it isn't in others. When seeking legal advice, only use a lawyer that is a member of the BAR in your state."

That's just where I'm coming from. Unless you're a member of the BAR in my state, I will take whatever you say with a grain of salt - and that includes all of you who are actually lawyers.

Comment Re:which state(s)? (Score 5, Funny) 784

Ok...so which state will the taxes be going to? The state in which the business operates out of, or the state in which the purchase was made in, or both?

What?!? You expect a simple solution from the politicians?!

It'll probably be a complex formula that depends on: the card holder's state of residence, where the items were shipped, where the company does business, whether or not the person makes over $250,000 per year, which states the item passes through when it goes from the retailer to the purchaser, and I'm sure some lobbyist will make some other horse shit that I'd never think of in a million years.

Comment Where?!? (Score 1) 195

TFA just says Florida, but where in Florida? It's been a while since I lived there, but pretty much everything below the pan handle is already just one big city with the Glades breaking things up.

Maybe in the middle of the pan handle where I-10 cuts through to go from Tallahassee to Jacksonville? There seems to be a lot of open land there, but that's just what I've seen from the interstate.

Unless they use eminent domain or some other legal BS, the land itself will be a fortune. I see this "plan" dieing quietly.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 4, Funny) 300

Yes they do. People HAVE died from taking sports to extremes. Long distance runners who die from exhaustion or getting lost. Weight lifters who are crushed under weights. What about racers who go just a bit to fast? Taking the sport to extremes, same as gaming for 18 hours is extreem.

Golfers who have been killed by their wives for never being around, bowlers and softball players die of cirrhosis of the liver (the drink more than they play!), hunters who are shot by Vice Presidents, and then there's the tiddlywink players who are just killed for being sissies.

All sports can be rough!

Comment Re:Dear World, (Score 4, Interesting) 176

Please stop responding to SPAM. If no one responds to it, then they won't make any money and they'll stop. Sincerely, A. Bettik

Can you actually respond to them? I once got a spam email and I was in a really pissed off mood and wanted to take it out on someone who deserved it, so I tried to contact the spammer. The email they included didn't work. There wasn't any phone number. I couldn't find any way of contacting them. I can't believe some of those morons actually make any money. Sometimes, I wonder if it's the ISPs that host those assholes that are pushing this shit. Maybe convincing stupid people that they can get rich sending mass electronic marketing or some other made up buzz word that obfuscates the fact that they are selling you a spammer package. Moron spammer buys it, sends out a bunch of emails, and then gives up after a while; only to have another moron take his place? Just guessing.

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