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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 2) 100

I feel like this game is making the same promises that Spore did (cellular to universal scale). But then Spore was kind of a huge let down as far as I'm concerned. Much less a game of continuous scale as like 5 separate games packaged together. This one, from the little glimpses so far at least, seems more likely to deliver.

Comment Re:So What? (Score 2) 96

As pointed out in a few other comment threads (and the article itself): California's legislation will prevent California law enforcement from assisting the NSA without a warrant. The NSA's not actually doing all its own work, and relies on (pressures) other agencies to provide data. This isn't to say the NSA won't find ways to go around law enforcement to spy on U.S. Citizens, but it will at least make it more difficult for them and help protect people in California's privacy.

Comment Re:Too late, switched to Chrome (Score 1) 167

Does Chrome's RAM usage cause problems on your machine? If the RAM is available, I don't see why Chrome shouldn't be taking advantage of it to improve browsing performance.

Have you looked at the hard drive usage of Chrome versus FF? I haven't looked, but it would be interesting to see if Chrome's increased RAM usage results in lower hard drive usage.

Comment Re:Online Advertising is terrible (Score 2) 147

Ugh, I know! I tried actually emailing the companies hosting the ads about this. I really just want an "I bought this already!" button that makes that particular ad go away. It could even then show a link to allow me to review the product that I already bought. They're wasting their time trying to get me to buy the same thing over and over again.

Comment Re:You think this is a Game? (Score 1) 483

"Nothing will be accomplished by it" only if when it's all over no one takes any action. You seem pretty upset about it, but are you planning on doing anything about the alleged motivation for the attack (i.e SOPA and the like)? Or when GoDaddy gets their servers back up and releases a "comforting" statement to their remaining customers, are you going to go back to ignoring everything but your own website?

Comment Re:Pipedream of the day: (Score 1) 294

This is my biggest concern with them implementing this strategy. I could understand lowering the rank of sites that legitimately infringe copyrights (though even then I'd probably look for another search engine), but since there's zero punishment for making false claims it seems like this will only punish sites that "right holders" want punished, regardless of their merit or relevance.

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