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Comment Re:Blacklist vs. whitelist (Score 1) 212

Plus, the whole whitelisting argument is predicated on the fact the whitelisting app is stable and unassailable. Speaking of PC-Matic, don't know if you have checked, but the VirusBTN tests have frequently cited stability issues for it. So, how's your whitelister going to whitelist if it has crashed or locked up?

Comment Re:Same could be said for lots of ambitious produc (Score 1) 118

Are you an idiot?

Of course. Just why in the living shit are you worried about it Coward? If you are someone that has a bone to pick with me, use your real pseudonym. Then again, you think ultrasound will generate harmonics in a linear medium... quite a trick in itself...

There's a thing though. There will be people in the room. And unless ultrasonic imaging doesn't work, there will be lots of interesting reflections and harmonics as watts of power are bouncing into and out of people, and other objects.

And, therein lies my problem with any real wireless charging. Watts of power flooding an area. Not a Luddite, but I am reasonably sure that can't be good.

Comment Re:122GB music collection? (Score 1) 214

What it needs is a really efficient indexing system, client code written by someone with experience using moby datasets and a decent UI to navigate the hierarchy. All the packages I've used so far are miserable, caching nothing and constantly rescanning the server. Understandable for low RAM devices, but nothing is really 'low RAM' these days.

I've considered writing it myself, but figure it has to be a common enough problem. It's worth asking if anybody found a good solution.

Where are you? I'm in N Cal, Sacramento area. It's a good day to copy it at USB3 portable drive speeds. I can just make the copy and swap you for a blank drive.

But I really don't like Moby. I only have a couple of his songs...

Comment Re: It can't be said too many times (Score 1) 341

Well, I can NOT see a single reason why any application should be allowed to delete ANY user files without it saying "HEY! GOING TO DELETE YOUR FILES NOW!" "ARE YOU SURE?" "ARE YOU REALLY REALLY SURE?" (excepting file managers, of course, but they usually warn you quite well, and you are in a file manager and not, say, a cloud music service)

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