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Comment Re:Do you Know WHY it sucks? (Score 1) 325

Also, it's not just Adblock installed any more. I run a Pi-hole (ad blackhole DNS forwarder) instance on a Debian lappy on my LAN and I am seeing more and more anti-adblocking notifications every day. I just wish I had a crappier connection at some point, so I could point and say "Look, man, no adblocking! My connection can't REACH your advertiser!"

Comment Re:Most of the web really sucks (Score 1) 325

Stupid multimedia ads and code optimized poorly, so I have to sit there and watch a throbber, well, throb while the site goes off to load something for somewhere else, instead of loading the main page and loading the other goodies as they come. I am on a 5Mbit connection (all I can get), and even /. takes several seconds before I actually see anything.

Comment Re:Assembly language is good enough for anyone... (Score 1) 236

Fine. Now can you explain to me why is Firefox 45 so laggy, a RAM and a CPU hog that you need a very expensive 8 core with 16GB of RAM to run it *reasonably well* with these days? Why wouldn't it run smoothly on an ARM CPU with 2GB of RAM? I remember Firefox 3 and 4 running smoothly on this AMD Phenom II 965 with 8GB of RAM but with version 45 it just works like it's been programmed in Spectrum basic or something. If that's the future it looks very, very bleak.

Posting this from 51.0.1 on an 8-year-old Core 2 Duo with 8 Gb of RAM and around 20-30 tabs and it seems to work fine to me (even with a fat load of extensions).

Comment Re:Blacklist vs. whitelist (Score 1) 212

Plus, the whole whitelisting argument is predicated on the fact the whitelisting app is stable and unassailable. Speaking of PC-Matic, don't know if you have checked, but the VirusBTN tests have frequently cited stability issues for it. So, how's your whitelister going to whitelist if it has crashed or locked up?

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