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Submission + - Chinese hackers took control of U.S. satellites (

An anonymous reader writes: According to a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Chinese hackers suspected of operating on behalf of the P.L.A. managed to interfere and take over control of at least two U.S. satellites on multiple occasions throughout 2007 and 2008. The compromised satellites Landsat-7 and Terra AM-1, are operated by N.A.S.A. and the U.S. Geological Survey respectfully, and are primarily used for earth climate and terrain observation.

The USCC draft report which is due out next month explained, “Such interference poses numerous potential threats, particularly if achieved against satellites with more sensitive functions. Access to a satellite‘s controls could allow an attacker to damage or destroy the satellite. An attacker could also deny or degrade as well as forge or otherwise manipulate the satellite’s transmission.”

The hackers are suspected to have gained control by proxying through compromised ground control systems at the Svalbard Satellite Station in Spitsbergen, Norway operated by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Gruppen.


Submission + - C++11 aka C++0x is now an International Standard ( 1

Samfer writes: On Friday August 12th 2011, the results for the final ISO ballot on C++0x came in, and they (the ISO C++ Standards Committee) were unanimous in favor of approving the new C++0x (for now unofficially known as C++11) object-oriented programming language standard which is intended to replace the existing C++ ISO/IEC 14882. The new standard is to offer new and improved features such as lambda functions, concurrent programming functionality, direct data field initialization, and an improved standard library to but a few.

Submission + - BART Defaced and User Data Leaked (

An anonymous reader writes: Another Sunday and another anonymous op apparently successfully in the bag. This time, as they had announced well in advance that they could be expected, some anonymous individuals targeted the Bay Area Rapid Transit department and successfully defaced some of their affiliated sites such as and with the latter being run by the California Office of Traffic Safety. As of the writing of this article, both sites are still online and defaced several hours after the fact. I guess their system administrators don’t work on Sundays? Or maybe they’re just sleeping in, rightfully so.

Submission + - 3 Strikes: Preliminary Results Against The French (

Samfer writes: Believe it or not it’s been nine months since the French 3 strike Hadopi law has started being enforced against unsuspecting French Internet users in the hopes of cracking down on online file sharing particularly with regards to piracy of music and films. Time sure flies when you’re cracking down on people. A couple days ago in Paris Hadopi revealed their preliminary numbers in the hopes of showing how efficient they have been so far since their repressive campaign began.

While to date the effectiveness of the initial warning emails being sent out to alleged file-sharers have yet to proven successful or not, one things for sure is that since October 2010 this so called French Internet “authority” have definitely seemingly been having a field day testing out the full gamut of “powers” that they’ve been bestowed with.


Submission + - Google Plus Hurts Profits (

Samfer writes: According to most analysts, Google is expected to report later today when they release their earnings that their profit growth for Q2 2011 will be slightly lower due to the $200 million plus they are and will be spending to take on Facebook Inc. in social networking with the launch of Google+ (Plus). Most mainstream sources estimate that Google will report profits during the period of only around $7.85 instead of higher estimates before the full scope of the Google Plus project was revealed earlier this month according to analysts at BGC Partners.

It is estimated that Google has already spent over $100 million on Google Plus in Q2 2011 alone. It is clear that Google is pouring it on with the new Google Plus and really finally mounting their first serious foray into social networking, with Facebook Inc. sitting squarely in their cross hairs. It’s a big challenge and perhaps a gamble, but Google is clearly investing the money and willing to sacrifice shorter term profits by investing heavily in social networking, e-commerce, and mobile software in the hopes of finally being able to diversify out of their traditional search engine quarantine.


Submission + - Video game industry to hit $74 billion in 2011 (

Samfer writes: Step aside Hollywood, there’s a new top earner in the entertainment industry and it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. According to technology advisory firm Gartner Inc the video games industry will pull in $74.4 billion by the end of this year up 10.4 percent from the $67 billion spent last year. According to the research firm, consumers around the world will apparently spend nearly $18 billion on hardware this year and $44.7 billion on games (software). Online gaming revenue in its own right will reach an estimated $11.9 billion in 2011 and will will be the fastest growing area in the gaming sphere over the coming years with revenue expected to double by 2013. Overall in the coming 4 years an average yearly compound growth of 27% in online gaming growth is estimated.

Submission + - John Carmack @ E3 2011: 20 min Interview (

Samfer writes: Video game development legend, John Carmack was recently interviewed by CVG at E3 2011. In the 20 minute interview, Carmack talks about the evolution of video gaming, console and computer technology, touching on technical details from the programmers perspective and also discussing id Software’s upcoming title being presented at E3 2011: Rage. He also gives some basic hardware recommendations and discusses how the latest generation PC’s simply crush their console counterparts when it comes to technical capacity and the possibilities for developing more advanced games. Exciting and interesting stuff for all hardcore gamers to listen to, in particular the more technically inclined of us.
The Military

Submission + - US Army goes with CryEngine3 for Military Sim (

Samfer writes: The United Sates Army has decided to spend $57 million USD to enlist the help of Intelligent Decisions Inc. and Real Time Immersive Inc. utilizing the CryEngine 3 with the goal of developing the most realistic military simulator to date. The vast majority of the $57 million price tag for this technology will be going towards the actual equipment, which will feature the most advanced motion-tracking technology available today. You can view some of the technology preview videos of the game at the bottom of this post.

Submission + - Schmidt and Zuckerberg warn on regulating Internet (

Samfer writes: Speaking during day two of the e-G8 in Paris France, Google’s boss Eric Schmidt and Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg have voiced concern and warning to governments to not over-regulate the internet or to single out specific areas for control. Their comments point to growing concerns in the industry that governments are getting to overbearing and controlling of the internet, leading down the dangerous road of serious censorship.

Submission + - ArmA 3 is Officially a Go for Summer 2012 (

Samfer writes: Just a few hours ago our long standing friends over at Bohemia Interactive Studios made an official announcement in regards to the upcoming third installment of the Armed Assault (ArmA) series they are actively developing on their Real Virtuality game engine. ArmA 3, following hot on the heels of ArmA 2 is expected to be released in the summer of 2012 and will interestingly enough be a title exclusively available for PC only. As with the past ArmA titles, the game will offer a sandbox-style combat game experience with the most rich and detailed environments to grace the series to date.

Submission + - IGN Swallows Up UGO (

Samfer writes: News Corporation’s subsidiary gaming and entertainment company confirmed today that they are purchasing and, with News Corp’s goal being to beef up its share of online gaming and entertainment website business by combining them all and turning them into a separate company. They are purchasing these two new websites from Hearst Corporation, in an agreement that will make Hearst Corp. an IGN shareholder and an “active participant in the development”.

Submission + - Police Catch Murderer by Bugging Xbox 360 (

Samfer writes: Well here’s one you don’t hear about every day, the CBC reports today that a teenage boy has been arrested in Saskatoon, Canada after he was recorded by a bugged Xbox 360 giving a murder confession while casually playing Guitar Hero with his uncle in a late night gaming session. The boy apparently confessed to the murder of a 16 year-old girl back in 2009 who was shot with a stolen rifle in an alley way.

Submission + - FBI Malware Warning: Fake Dead Bin Laden Links (

Samfer writes: Yesterday the FBI of all people confirmed this author’s initial hunch that since Osama Bin Laden’s latest death all those fake photos and videos being furiously sent and circulated around the internet are in fact likely all mostly some sort of embedded or manually executable malware (aka virus) destined to exploit known vulnerabilities and steal and farm personal information from unsuspecting users.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony to Congress: We found "Anonymous" File on Ser (

Samfer writes: The latest in the on going Sony PSN hacking saga, new reports are now surfacing that apparently Sony is alleging to Congress and law enforcement that they found a file on one of the hacked server titled "Anonymous" and text string "We Are Legion" attached to it. What does this mean? Honestly, in this authors opinion not a whole a lot, but we figured seeings how everyone seems to interested in this on going saga that we would also relay the reports here and try to put a bit of perspective to them.

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