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Comment Re:Nexus S (Score 1) 203

The nexus one can do pinch-to-zoom so of course it supports multitouch.

The hardware on the Nexus One was not designed with multitouch in mind. There was a firmware hack released that changes the way it reads the touchscreen hardware, such that it can "sort of" detect two touches. This hack fails when X and Y axes align, and it often loses track of which coordinates belong to which touch. Pinch zoom works because you're not generally pinching exactly down the axes.

Comment Re:Nexus S (Score 1) 203

And quite a lot crapper. shitty touch sensor and GPU on Nexus One really let it down

Indeed, and this is the reason I'm graveyarding my N1 for a Desire HD. Developing multitouch games on a quasi-multitouch device is unfortunately unacceptable. The 3G reception on the N1 is also abysmal.
(Link seems to be down at the moment)

Comment Re:The Bad Keyboard Trend Continues (Score 1) 332

Then, everyone moved to the quiet keyboards that use the rubber sheet and the dielectric, and it had less of a tactical response.

They provided me with one of those at work and they're just plain awful to code with. I ended up ordering one of these:
Mechanical with Cherry MX brown keyswitches. Sooooo nice for coding and general typing.

Comment Re:decent touch screen keyboard? (Score 1) 112

Not much good for an ATM though if you have someone waiting in line.

"Please enter your PIN."
*user types PIN...*
"You have $500,000 in your account."
*user gets mugged*

Not saying that it would be stupid enough to speak your PIN as you type it, but I wouldn't like random strangers knowing how much money I have in my account.

Comment Daggerfall (Score 2, Insightful) 518

Seriously. First Person RPG, but a decent remake would be epic. That world was HUGE. Not Minecraft huge, but it'd take you many hours to walk from one side of the country to the other. That's not even including the convoluted procedural dungeons.

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