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Comment Tech journalist-turned-math teacher perspective (Score 1) 590

Is this not directly analogous to software written (or tested) on the taxpayer dime? If there's a market for lesson plans, there's a market. A teacher should be free to make a profit off his or her ingenuity and/or hard work while at the same time increasing the efficiency of quality lesson distribution. A teacher shouldn't be free, however, to block redistribution of a lesson plan once sold. In other words, no restrictive copyrights, patents, timebombs, or whatever. For some reason, the emotions surrounding teacher pay, workload, respect, etc. seem to be clouding this particular issue.

Comment Re:Not so big a deal (Score 1) 298

'A major point of the article is that many of the key (and repeatedly published) 'facts' about the bomb are quite wrong.'

Indeed. The article is a bit of a curveball in that you go in thinking it's yet another scare piece about sub-sovereign amateurs building nuclear devices in the garage only to find out its really the story of one man's obsessive attempt to cut through the mythology and determine the *exact* specifications of the Little Boy device. Recommended reading for anyone who has ever felt himself go a little nutso at the vast amount of extinct technological knowhow in our post-industrial culture.

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