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Journal Journal: An update for a long neglected journal

Well, a while ago I overloaded on Slashdot and had to take a break. Put simply, far too many arrogant comments were made in response to some articles, and I became disillusioned.

Then I sat back a few days ago, and I remembered that's why I started coming here in the first place; computer geeks et al discussing things in a potentially ego-boosting sarcastic manner (one of the numerous anonymous cowards since fresnman semester I do believe). So, without further adieu, the Salubri man has come back to the fold.

With that, I should probably update the world on how I am doing. I'm now engaged and living with my girl. I have a computer that's giving me a bear of a problem installing ANY operating system (the bios needs tweaking methinks). Friends are mad at me because I recently, after some rather disturbing incidents, demanded they call before coming over. The band I'm in is undergoing more reconstruction and formation. Finally, to top everything off, thanks to the current job market I don't know when I'll get first shift work so I can take my last two classes and finish my degree.

I find myself sitting here with a complete migraine marveling at why I even bothered getting out of bed today, let alone coming into work. Bah. Things shall improve.


Journal Journal: Back to Red Hat... Sort of... 1

So, after looking around at different things like TA-Linux and other linux packages, I finally found one I kinda like... JAMD Linux. It's essentially Red Hat 9, only with RH's update tool replaced by apt-4-rpm, RH's modified KDE replaced with a vanilla KDE skinned to resemble MacOS, and geared for home use. Just Another Modified Distribution Linux is currently in release 0.0.6, but is just about as stable as RH9. I've decided to help out in whatever way I can.

I finally ordered the rest of the parts I'll need for my two guitars I'm modding. I'll probably keep the Kramer but sell the Hondo. It all depends on how everything sounds together. All told though, I've probably spent... $130 to put together the hondo (including the money I spend to purchase said Hondo H-76) and $170 on the Kramer. I think the Kramer will be nice when I finish it.

In other news my current job is working me to the bone. I'm glad I have the girl I do. She keeps me sane through all the bullshit.


Journal Journal: FreeBSD - Take 497

Okay... disgusted with the bloat that was Red Hat 9.0 after hearing friends talk about fully functioning desktop solutions the size of Red Hat minimal text based install, I decided to try different things.

Slackware was nice, light, and easy to get working. However, I was dismayed as they didn't have Ximian Evolution (or that it wasn't easly available, as Ximian's downloader, even for source code, requires RPM based distros and there was no package for it on Slackware's site). I've tried peanut, but it's shit. Debian never installs properly on my machine. All other distributions worth two shits cost money that I feel I shouldn't have to pay.

So, I decided to give FreeBSD yet another chance to perform. I did this mainly because FreeBSD did run quickly from one rememberance, and they now have NVidia drivers available for accelerated performance. And to FreeBSD's credit, things went very smoothly this time. I recompiled the kernel with minimal problems once I figured out to do things the old school way with the kernel compilation. I got sound working, I got network working, everything with such little fuss as to make Debian look amatuerish.

The NVidia drivers are locking up the system.

So today while at work I begin the quest for something new, good, and linux yet again. And it's not that Red Hat is bad at all. I actually really like Red Hat. For it's size, which is the same as a WinXP basic install, I get a fully featured system with CD burning, DVD playback, MP3 playback, the Open Office suite, Mozilla, evolution, and a HOST of other applications. It's just that I want things to run even leaner and smoother than it currently is.

If this search doesn't reveal promising results within a week, I'm going back to Red Hat for a while longer... at least until my urge to fuck around comes back.

User Journal

Journal Journal: The Year Coming to a Close

Well, it's another end-of-year-up-late-at-night-chain-smoking-and-thinking-about-life sessions. This year has been a bittersweet blend of some of the best and worst moments of my life. There have been so many ups and downs that at this point I'm just glad it's over and hope that 2003 is a bit more stable.

Lets start with the good of this year. I finally got another tech job after spending... well... since April 2000 looking. I had spent two and a half years either unemployed or working the crappiest jobs to make ends meet, but I finally beat the odds and got another job. My psychotic ex-girlfriend, hell-bent on slandering me, has decided that hopping from one guy to the next has burned her out mentally and she is moving back in with her parents to get the help she desperately needs. The test results after being with her all came back negative. I am still in college getting my degree. And I finally have the money I need to pay off back-bills. If I continue this spartan lifestyle, I'll be sound enough to float another period of unemployment. My family is all in good health. My brother finally earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. Finally, I can look in the mirror and say to myself that all the bad I've been through has been worth it.

The bad? Well, I worked at a retail job for quite a while where one of the managers hated me so much he would challenge me to physical fights. A woman I had loved for over a year (the psychotic ex) apparently only started a relationship with me to break an engagement she hadn't told me about, and was sleeping with any number of guys greater than three (Thus being happy the test results came back negative). Nine months of the year spent living on ramen, wondering if I'd have enough to get by on. Hearing so many people blame problems they have on people that had nothing to do with the situation, and so many wars between friends that I have completely lost count.

In 2003 I am looking forward to, after selling my old computer, having enough money to go back to Mac after being in the land of PC for three years. It's not going to be a top of the line machine, a modest Ibook, but it will be far better than the hardware I currently have. I am looking forward to enjoying my new hobby of refurbishing old solid-body guitars for fun and profit... and I am looking forward to the realization that I am 22, earning enough money to live and save for when I'm not, single, and enjoying life. Who knows? Maybe I'll find that loyal, spiritual, heavy-metal-loving, caring nympho that I so desperately want. Hey, you never know! Sha! And monkeys might fly out of my butt!

All in all, I just hope things will settle down. Bad or good, it feels like life has been going 90 miles an hour around me in all directions and it's been tough to keep up. Maybe the new year will show kindness and slow down.
User Journal

Journal Journal: A random blort about life in general 1

Isn't it funny how you can be just itching to talk about everything and nothing all at once, but when you get the opportunity you stare dumbfounded at the media of choice, trying to search for what seemed clear a few minutes before?

Life continues to pile up it's mental debris like computer hardware piles up around my apartment. New job offers the ability to expand/upgrade hardware.

The general question brewing right now (at least that has an actual answer other than "forget her") goes something like this. After I sell my Color Laserjet 5 on the net and sell my old lappy-top, I will have a budget of about $1400.00 for a new laptop. I am seriously considering the new 12.1" iBook with the combo drive. It's right there in the price range, and the size is nice. However, here's the question... can the /. crowd find a better value for the $$ than the iBook?

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