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Comment Sony hasn't been an electronics company for (Score 1) 188 Sony, it is suggested, might be better off just selling insurance. Or just making movies and music. But not electronics. A new report from the investment banking firm Jefferies delivered a harsh assessment of Sony’s electronics business. “Electronics is its Achilles’ heel and, in our view, it is worth zero,” wrote Atul Goyal, consumer technology analyst for Jefferies, in the report, released this week. ... Its financial arm accounts for 63 percent of Sony’s total operating profit last year. Life insurance has been its biggest moneymaker over the last decade, earning the company 933 billion yen ($9.07 billion) in operating profit in the 10 years that ended in March. Sony’s film and music divisions, which produced hits like the Spider-Man movies and “Zero Dark Thirty” and recorded musicians like the cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the electronic music duo Daft Punk, have contributed $7 billion to the company’s bottom line over the last decade. In that time, Sony’s electronics division has lost a cumulative $8.5 billion. Hardly Sony’s crown jewels, experts say.

Comment Apple and CC vs ACH? (Score 1) 631

So my ApplePay is a safe one-time token and this new idea is to give the targets and home depots of the world access to my checking account? Is this an April's Fool post? TBH, this plan would have been fine a decade ago. But not anymore. Especially since my rights are pretty decent with credit card and abysmal with ACH/checking accounts. It's a non-starter for me

Comment Main use case? Buy Bacon Cheeseburgers @ McDonalds (Score 1) 471

I will be rationalizing my Apple Watch purchase for any number of reasons. My guess is that the biggest use case for the watches of 2018 are some cool notification and some cool haptic use. But for now, being able to see some notifications - still easier to glance at wrist to see if it is noise or a message worth opening up. And TBH, I quit wearing my Rolex years ago and at times it would be nice to glance at a wrist and see the time. But shopping is the emotional appeal; no cash for legal purchases.

Comment It won't be popular with gamers, but it is busines (Score 1) 86

There are clothes lines and appliance lines that are exclusive to a particular retailer. There are even in-game bonuses you get that are different if you buy a game time/point card at Walmart versus Target versus Amazon. Gamestop using its market power to do this is no different than it using it to get a bigger discount or larger advertising budget from the developer.

Comment Good news on standard; bad on time (Score 1) 82

I want a new rig. After reading all the praise of gsync, that seemed like a reasonable cost-benefit to wait for that since the monitors were coming out in early 2014. Except not really. So now we have a new standard coming "year end" which probably means March or April. I guess a new rig with a very good graphics card this summer and then do something about a new monitor at "year end." If it really is a new standard out this year, I can see a lack of enthusiasm for an nVidia-only monitors that costs an extra couple of hundred dollars and only makes sense for a few months.

Comment Digital camera and GPS Analogy (Score 1) 399

"Wearables" will have no impact on the several thousand dollar watch market - either those for fashion or for love of the intricate mechanics. IMO, the analogies are digital cameras and GPS devices. The iPhone 5s at al had no impact on $10,000 camera systems with Zeiss lenses. But it is getting tougher and tougher to sell a $200 digital camera.

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