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Comment Re:"Singularity" is a horrible term. (Score 1) 71

The idea is that the ability to learn is exponential. If it is possible, an AI will simply keep growing and building upon itself expanding in intelligence at an uncontrollable rate. First it starts to use the resources of the planet to expand its computing power, then the solar system, then the galaxy, until it reaches a point where it cannot expand further. Who knows if this is actually possible though.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 127

If Bitcoin ever competed with the US Dollar on a real scale (hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars in annual transactions) there is a good chance it would be banned anyways. The US Dollar is an incredibly powerful tool the Americans have, and it's hard to believe they wouldn't ban cryptocoins, when they are willing to do the same for far less (like the liberty dollar).

Comment It takes 2-4 years to retrain someone (Score 1) 389

Require that companies that "eliminate" jobs with automation offer those who have been laid off full funding (with obvious limitations, no $100,000 private education) to cover either an Associates degree, Bachelors degree, or an apprenticeship (basically sponsor them so that they are more appealing to unions and companies that offer an apprenticeship program). That gives people a cushion and opportunity to move to a new job, limiting the impact of transitioning from their old position that was removed.

Comment Google is in it for the long haul (Score 1) 271

Google has for some time been going in seemingly random directions with their investments/acquisitions and research. They do this likely because it keeps them sustainable in the far future. If you look at their investment into something so random like Android that exploded in growth you can see why they want to invest in technologies while still in their infancy. I'd be surprised if their automated driving technology doesn't also do the same in 10-20 years, but unfortunately investors are much more interested in day to day stock valuations.

Comment There should be a larger annual fee for domains (Score 1) 175

There needs to be a sufficient cost on domains (something like $100/year) to ensure that they are being used for a legitimate reason. I have no problem with squatters if they are willing to pay into the system; however, they are currently paying almost nothing and just blindly sweeping up every available domain to create a no-value-added business.

Comment Re:Oh man, I'd hate to see how your kids turn out. (Score 1) 81

It's the same reason why the guy yelling "I WILL F*** YOUR MOTHER" at Disney World will get kicked out. Riot depends partly on the gameplay experience, including social interaction, for player retention. They are a business and have every right and every reason to push for a more friendly atmosphere that will make for a more enjoyable (and profitable) gameplay experience for their users. I don't want to have to /ignore people in the first place, and am really glad Riot is doing this as a means to reduce this kind of behavior around myself, my wife, and anyone else who plays this game (including many children).

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