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Comment Re:1440p? (Score 1) 109

Well that's a suck-tastic downgrade from their current and past video card lines.

But a massive upgrade from current mobile SOCs. Honestly, these are designed for tablets... why the hell are you blathering about high res monitors and discrete chipsets?

Presumably they missed the words 'Tegra' and 'mobile' in the title, and 'Mobile World Conference' in the summary, plus most of TFA.

Comment Re:Bullshit and Snakeoil (Score 3) 815

- Making totally implausible claims that would be too much even if it DID work.

Not only have they yet to prove they did any kind of fusion, they also would not produce energy with the process they claim to do even if they were doing it (trans-iron fusion is not exothermic).

I do agree with most of your points, except about trans-iron fusion not being exothermic. This is true if both isotopes being fused are trans-iron, as iron is at the top of the 'curve', but when one is above iron and one is below iron, it will depend on their relative 'energy per nucleon', and that of the product. A few people farther up have done the sums and shown exothermic results. The problem with this kind of thing is not the relative energy levels of reactants and products, but that of the transition states in between. This is the reason fusion bombs have fission bombs as initiators: to provide enough initial energy to overcome these transition states and actually get to the products + more energy. I still think it is a hoax, but the numbers do stack up.

Comment The balance will stay with physical media... (Score 1) 478 long as, for example I can buy 'Empire: Total War' for £16 less off of Amazon, delivered to my house in a shiny box, than I can get it downloaded off Steam. Same with music, movies etc. If it is cheaper (or roughly equivalent) to buy a physical object, people will do that. If it is significantly cheaper or easier to get an electronic copy, then people will do that. People like to pay less money for things, and they also like to have physical stuff. The relative magnitudes of those factors will determine whether physical or electronic copies are sold. I'm all for digital distribution of games etc, but currently it is too expensive. And I like having a shelf full of pretty boxes :)

Comment Re:Err..what? (Score 5, Informative) 168

I am a chemist, and as such I would say a metal is an element which favours losing electrons to form positive ions and electron 'clouds', rather than forming covalent bonds (electron-sharing between only a few atoms - normally 2). It seems that there is a specific definition of 'metal', which is used by the astrophysics guys, meaning any element heavier than helium. This says nothing about the ability/mechanism of the element to join with other elements, just its mass. As this is an astrophysics story, I'd have to go along with the 'heavier than helium' definition...

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