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Comment Re:Easy! (Score 1) 388

No, because it would be within the same industry thus devaluing the name of the original McDonald's. In this case, a trademark is being enforced from one industry to another where the trademark would not confuse consumers (Well, they're not going to go into the pub to read the books are they? It's not a themed bar). Also, given the fact that they have not taken action for 20 or so years could call for trademark dilution. I really hope this becomes a David and Goliath case.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi Stampede - sold out in 2hrs! (

mikejuk writes: Who could have guessed that a cheap ARM bare board computer could attract so much attention. The demand for the Raspberry Pi model B was so great that it crashed the servers of its two retailers — Farnell and RS Components — and sold out in 2 hours.
Although aimed at the education market it seems unlikely that the stampede has been caused by wannabe programmers. It seems more likely that people have projects in mind or simply want to tinker with hardware cheap enough to be disposable.
It seems we still have a huge appetite for low cost capable hardware.


Submission + - Google Eying Vision Tracking For Glasses?

bostonidealist writes: Google has been using eye tracking technology in internal product testing for years. Given the company's plans to release electronic glasses by year's end, is it possible that Google intends to include electrooculography (EOG) sensors in the product, such as those demonstrated in this prototype from ETH Zürich? A refined integration of EOG, machine vision, and wireless technologies could allow wearers to manipulate real world objects just by staring at them.

Comment Re:Reall, Britain? (Score 1) 387

I can't say about the poll tax riots (because frankly, I don't have the energy to look them up), but the students fees are about immature people rioting over being forced to be more financially responsible for themselves instead of forcing others to pay their bills, and the war has nothing to do with people's right - so I'm really not sure what your point was. Maybe your point was that they love to riot, just not over things that actually relate to a tyrannical government that constantly takes away more and more freedom?

And yet Scottish students still get free university education, at the British taxpayers' expense of course.

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