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Comment Re:windows 10 is NOT free (Score 1) 96

From what I take from that you can continue to be a beta tester for as long as you like (but you need to keep upgrading and may get flaky builds) with out a licence, or you can opt out the insider program for a finished copy of windows where you will upgrade for free if you had windows 7 or 8.

If you opt out and don't have a valid\legal copy of windows then you will get kicked out.

Comment Re:my experience: (Score 2) 269

Yep android are far and away the largest single platform.

of course if you include the fragmentation of the android versions and vendor specific versions may show a different picture.

The #1 reason why I would fear developing for apple is they have a tendency to block and steal the really good ideas.

Comment Re: Friends (Score 1) 367

I agree while Windows Starter Edition was a massive fail Office 365 is very profitable for them and it works for users like me where I can spend £75 (at time of writing) and get everything I want from office for a year for 5 PC's or I can spend £650 (£130 * 5) for one I can keep and then upgrade next year to office 2015.

Even if its every 3 years I still save money. the only chance I have to loose money is if there's no office for 8 years!

If they can get something similar for windows I'd be interested.
The main problem with Windows Starter Edition was when you wanted to upgrade you had to reinstall since the in place upgrade\update virtually never works.

Comment Re:'Free' as in pay me (Score 1) 88

As a phone developer myself I mostly develop Free games that is to say free with no barriers.
However I do put a "Buy me a coffee" or "Donate" button on the applications I write however that means that I get flagged as having "in-app purchases" putting me in the same category as Dungeon Keeper and Candy crush where its "Free to play until you hit a wall and have to buy your self out".

More transparency for the buyer as to what they are installing and whats in it labels like "Contains banner adverts", "Large In-App purchases" for your clash of clans type of game, "Small Inapp purchases" for games with buy and unlock types of sales and maybe drop the "In app purchases" in favour of "Developer Donations welcome" at the bottom end of the scale where people just want to show their appreciation.

Comment Apple owns curvy corners (Score 4, Informative) 181

The home screen is a list of 4x5 apps with 4 apps on the hotbar.
The compass seems to have ripped off the look of a compass.
The settings menu has been taken more from the samsung S5 than the iphone
The camera has a take picture button.

Does apple own having a reasonable number of apps on a grid ?

Of course its proven at least once that its "invented" things other people made first.

Comment Apples dont get viruses rehashed ? (Score -1, Troll) 72

I seem to remember Apple saying previously that "Macs' don't get viruses" now "IOS doesn't get viruses".

Any platform "doesnt get viruses" as long as its market share is small enough that most virus writers will ignore you.

When you get the market share then your fair game the the exploits which have been there since day 0 come out.

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