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Journal Saige's Journal: Driving in the Northwest 2

We've been getting unusual weather here in the Northwest recently. It snowed last Wednesday - which is unusual, but not unheard of. However, since then, the snow hasn't melted much at all. In fact, it's snowed twice more, and is snowing right now. We're not talking a lot - an inch here, a half-inch here. But the Northwest isn't prepared to deal with it. They don't salt the roads, and there aren't many plows. Many of the roads have just had to have the snow and ice get worn away from cars. Which doesn't always work...

...and some people don't know how to deal with the conditions. Definitely worth a view.

I hope that first person was massively ticketed - there's not knowing how to drive on snow and ice, and then there's being insanely reckless and dangerous.

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Driving in the Northwest

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  • ... in Atlanta and Texas. Mostly ice storms. But they usually shut everything down so no one hurts themselves. Some people are too cautious, some are too stupid (think they are invincible in their SUVs).

    Just stay inside... and I'd stick to the basement or higher than first floor.... ;)
  • it seems like the first person's reaction to collisions was to hit the gas more.
    though i couldn't tell where the slopes were on the street below. the way that van slid sideways i'm assuming that street was part of a hill or something. i wish it were a bit cooler here in orlando - but i can't say i mind missing out on stuff like that.

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