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Comment Re:Pilots and Astronauts have the same fear (Score 1) 641

their #1 fear isn't the rocket blowing up and getting killed, it's not fear of blacking out from G-forces, it's not fear of getting shot down, it's the fear of screwing up.

Same as the #1 fear from TFA. (fear of writing buggy code / messing up)

The official Pilot's Prayer (as handed to us by Alan Shepard) is "Lord, please don't let me fuck up".

Not "Lord, please don't let me blow up" or "Please keep me safe"

This is also the Stage Manager prayer.

Comment Re:What the hell is "Microsoft's lost decade"? (Score 1) 407

He doesn't seem to get that no one accused Microsoft of collapsing as a company, but effectively coasting on previous success. And the thing about coasting, is that it means you had previously built up momentum. The fact that Microsoft kept making money just meant that they had built up a really strong market share. They just didn't do anything beyond what they already had.

Comment Re:Travian (Score 1) 460

I enjoyed Travian until I discovered it's possible to completely paralyze someone by destroying their farms, so that it's completely impossible for them to take any actions or recover at all. Then you just become a mining/logging subsidiary of whoever is nearby.

Comment Just about the most pretentious quote ever (Score 3, Funny) 164

A statement that somehow the message of art 'degrades' as it reaches more people is something I assumed to hear from some art snob complaining about reproductions of the Mona Lisa, not about a video game starring Mario. The whole notion is insanely elitist, and I'm frankly flabbergasted that someone saw fit to print it.

Especially considering that they got the whole idea wrong - it's only a demo mode that shows you how to beat a section. In order to progress through the game, you still have to play it yourself!

Comment Open World Experience? (Score 2, Insightful) 582

If Rockstar managed to release San Andreas on the Playstation 2, a piece of hardware which was inferior to the gamecube, let alone the Wii, then I somehow doubt it's impossible to release an open world style game on the Wii. This basically just sounds like they don't really know what they're doing, and are wasting processor cycles on things they really don't need.

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