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Comment Suing the wrong party (Score 0) 399

Even as a casual observer, it is easy to see the broad problem is bad parenting and awful students. Sure, there will always be people in the bottom 10% of any profession; some teachers may need to be removed. My assertion is parents have more control over their child's education. It is their responsibility to ensure their kids are putting in the requisite time studying and preparing. It is every child's responsibility to at least strive to improve themselves.

You cannot legislate or litigate success in life for people who do not accept any responsibility to themselves.

Also, I have my suspicions this could also lead to more damage to unions. Unions -- on occasion -- can benefit society.

Comment Verdict =! Proof (Score 1) 610

I did not see anything the article that proved the driver was not at fault. If the firmware was truly at fault, there should many, verifiable episodes of sudden acceleration. That the driver did not have the situational awareness and common sense to gain control of the vehicle (whether from operator error or software issues) suggests operator error was the probable cause.

You can tear ANY system apart and discover flaws; software is not perfect. A verdict like this simply means a low bar for plaintiffs to get an easy payday.

Comment Re:At least it's not CFL (Score 1) 372

I looked at the lights you linked to. They have a 6K color temperature. That means a sinister, cold blueish light. I would like to replace a kitchen full of floodlights but I love the "warm" light I get from the incandescents. True, they do burn out more than I care for but they look great.

I've got some Philips LED lights with their "remote phosphor" tech in some standard lamps but I have not run across these in a floodlight form factor.

Comment Re:I wish they'd do it here. (Score 1) 372

And they are already beginning to burn out. There are very many traffic lights in Louisville with as much as 20 - 30 % dead cells in the matrix the driver sees.It looks like a diminishing patchwork of little squares. I was quite surprised at their true lifespan. Perhaps that is still far superior to the old lights but I don't have any data. It is, however, easy to see how the LED lights are aging.

Comment Let this sad chapter of America die (Score 1) 461

The best everyone can do is simply ignore anything she has to say; keep her out of any political discourse. I've had my fill of Hillary. The Nation dodged a bullet when it was becoming uncomfortably clear she might become president in 2008. Now I get to relive the horror a second time.

I am not sure the Nation can take so many, repeated leadership blows. We are on the ropes as it is.

Comment Not a fan (Score 1) 1191

The new look goes to great lengths to minimize the impact of user comments and discussion flow in favor of a toy-like layout. I personally want to immerse myself in nothing but discussion thread, utilizing more text and less art-school white space. Honestly, it's detracting.

This site gets enough traffic for reasons of information exchange and we do not need to be enticed to return with snazzy graphics or experiments in page flow. You have a good thing now ... let it ride. If the BETA goes live, it will likely result in a decrease of traffic.

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