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Comment not limited to android (Score 1) 309

I've seen other phones do this too. This especially seems to happen when you reconnect to a network on one of these non-complying phones. They re-use their old dhcp lease without caring what the dhcp server says and so not only could they be using an ip beyond their lease but they may also easily start using an ip now used by someone else since the first phone left the network earlier.

Some of the crappier wifi routers will take a dump when this happens. (my old phone would reliably lock a local wifi hotspot if i "remembered network"). But if i had to manually re-associate each time it was fine.

Comment homebrew channel on wii did it (Score 1) 188

Anyone with homebrew setup can install the disc like any game to a usb harddrive and already run disc-less. You can even make main "channels" that directly launch it seamlessly through the homebrew channel like any other game you have installed. I haven't used a disc for any of my wii games since installing the homebrew channel.

Nintendo may be anti-hacking but at least they haven't done anything shady like disable the homebrew channel after it's been installed. That channel is the only reason why my wii gets used (dont own any other game systems or play pc games either).

Submission + - Japan’s Annual Penis Festival – Celebr (makeahistory.com)

An anonymous reader writes: KOMAKI, Japan — It's springtime in Japan and that means one thing. Actually, two things. Penis festivals and vagina festivals. It may sound like a sophomoric gag. But these are folk rites going back at least 1,500 years, into Japan's agricultural past. They're held to ensure a good harvest and promote baby-making. Maybe they should hold more such festivals.

Comment Re:Old news, slight revision, still broken Hulu. (Score 1) 172

Actually, it's just the website that causes the error. You can use hulu to embed it's player and host it on any other site (a local one even) and it will stream you the video just fine with your 64bit flash plugin.

So it is their website script writers that seem to have broken 64bit flash and dont care about fixing it.

Comment Re:Lobo? (Score 1) 208

managed languages are meant as a convenience, not a crutch. Bad programmers shouldn't be encouraged to write their brain vomit in java any more than in C/C++.

The problem here anyway has nothing to do with language choice as much as an api that puts no restrictions on third party extensions. The question then has to be, how do you restrict what an extension can do when your whole platform is based on the idea that you can use extensions to completely rewrite the application's functionality.

Comment Re:Awesome! But... (Score 1, Informative) 376

and that's the problem with the terminology of calling Linux Linux and not Gnu/linux and the like. While being pedantic, it separates the fact that what people are familiar with in dealing with linux, has little to do with the kernel and mostly to do with the utilities and apps that run on top of it. With debian, you dont change the utilities and apps , so it's the same OS no matter what kernel you're using. The kernel just makes subtle changes in what those apps can do (and possibly let you run different apps that aren't compatible between kernels). Start thinking of "Linux" in the same light as we think "Unix". It's not an OS, but it's a superset of OS's. Distributions aren't simply repackaging an OS, they are different OS's. Some limited to just one kernel, some limited by the gui even. We need to stop visualizing them as all revisions of the same pseudo OS.

So no, For the most part, i dont think linux users who use Debian Linux will find themselves in an alien environment with Debian kFreeBSD. And i dont think it would be a stepping stone to using FreeBSD. I think it just gives Debian users (which should be considered it's own OS) a different backend that may do certain things better than the more familiar Linux backend.

With Debian crossing the kernel boundaries, i think the idea that the OS is the kernel will be even more obviously misguided. It's the Debian OS. It really can't be described as anything else. Debian refuses your limitations. Unless it has a non-free license.

Comment free market, not democracy (Score 1) 280

I'm not sure why people bring up democracy when the comparison is nonsense. It's not the people making a new law. It's an example of a free market, that's all.

People want to pay nothing, but they want stuff. Producers have the stuff, and they want something for it. Compromise ensues. The world doesn't collapse, it simple re-structures. If what they have is actually in demand, they will find a way for their consumers to pay for it. Otherwise, too bad.

This type of economy is best, because it benefits both the consumer and the producer equally. The problem is, no producer wants this type of economy, as it's no where near as profitable and secure as any that put the balance on their side (just about all of them that allow businesses to exist).

As a member of the "people", there is justified worry about leaving the ad-revenue powered internet behind for something new. New is always scary. The devil you know is much safer feeling than the one you dont. I think everyone realizes this all doesn't run on hopes and dreams, and they haven't really thought of what kind of evil crap those evil companies they are stopping ads from are going to think of if ads aren't working anymore. The train has started already though, and it's not going to stop so it'll be interesting to see what schemes those are in the near future.

Comment Re:Causality (Score 5, Informative) 627

entropy dictates that that everything loses to heat. This heat is at such a low energy level eventually that it can't cause any increase in energy to anything at all around it. This is how a system winds down, eventually all the energy in the atom will get sapped off this way and then it will start breaking down. Eventually devolving into the quantum soup that makes up the subatomic particles. Eventually, those too will lose energy to the space around them until everything is the same indistinguishable quantum soup.

This is the cold death scenario, and the only thing that can stop it is space itself increasing the density of energy instead of forever decreasing it. It's the expansion of space that continually provides for this loss of energy.

so no, atoms aren't perpetual motion machines. Though, for practical reasons, unless you need the machine to be functioning billions of years from now, you can call it perpetual.

Comment Re:Causality (Score 1) 627

A perpetual motion machine is not an analogue to FTL travel. Superluminal speeds have been seen and documented. They're not impossible. Hawking radiation is an immediate example of direct evidence of FTL. Then you have the idea of inflation and direct astronomical evidence (like the jets coming off a particular galaxy who's name escapes me at the moment that is moving at something like 6x the speed of light).

The thing is, we're fairly certain when it comes to nothing being 100% efficient. Entropy demands that some energy will be lost to heat to a degree that can't be converted back to something else under it's own energy.

We're not so sure that causality is a reflection of how our brain works or how the universe works. Superluminal things exist, and occur, yet the universe hasn't become an unpredictable chaotic soup. It doesn't require that our current theories are wrong, simply incomplete.

So, evidence for FTL exists, evidence for perpetual motion machines not so much. The problem is if FTL be utilized, and that thus far has been disproven.

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