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Comment It's not hard to keep credentials secure (Score 1) 116

There's a plethora of off-the-shelf password managers out there that support encryption but you can also create an easy, DIY distributed/encrypted solution with GPG, git and vim.

There's really no excuse to be storing sensitive credentials in office documents or spreadsheets.

Submission + - Create a Dedicated Gaming Capture/Streaming Setup with Linux (

Sadsfae writes: Video game streaming and recording is pretty popular right now with services like and Youtube. I recently created a dedicated game recording/streaming setup using OBS Studio on Fedora Linux. This lets me capture and stream real-time full 1080p video and audio from another machine playing video games or any other kind of full-screen activity.

Comment Nope (Score 1) 515

Besides the KDE4 debacle many years ago, KDE Plasma 5.x has seen a lot of improvement, complete rewrites in some areas and delivers a rather nice desktop experience. Being an XFCE user myself, I opt to use only KDEs windowing/compositor with XFCE to spruce it up with a more modern theme engine, appearance and 3D effects.

Comment Re:KDE is the Premire Linux Desktop. (Score 4, Interesting) 111

It's really come a long way in 5.x, and the themes and compositing are downright beautiful. I do feel it tries to do too much as with most current desktop environments however, or at least it's a bit too much for me. Luckily the KDE Devs made KWIN modular enough to be used with other more classic, lightweight DE's like XFCE - I prefer using KWIN compositing with XFCE. I can get all the theming, graphical enhancements and feel with the simplicity and speed of XFCE.

Comment Place Smart Devices on an Isolated VLAN (Score 4, Interesting) 112

I've been unfortunate enough to garner a few IoT devices, including a Samsung Smart TV. With a little bit of effort and a decent Asus Router with Tomato firmware I've placed any questionable devices on isolated VLANs so they don't affect the rest of of my trusted network. I can also block or whitelist their outbound traffic if needed.

Comment Hosted Wordpress and vim (Score 1) 222

It's going to heavily depend on the functionality you need. You'd need to explain the needs and usage a bit more. Is there a reason you can't just let someone like run it for you? This alleviates all the headache of tracking down updates to 3rd party plugins, security errata etc. There's enough core functionality with the included plugins (they call them widgets) for most general website/CMS uses. You could try using the free option and if you want a custom domain and other stuff then pay for it.

Since others are mentioning it, on the topic of editors I prefer vim with a few plugins and tweaks.

Comment Re:Network separation? (Score 2) 78

Why would you actually hook these up to a network that has Internet access? Of course you make a separate VLAN or network for your "security" devices and other monitoring, ^H^H^H^H^H IoT devices that can only talk to preapproved connections. That is what a firewall is for.

I put all my untrusted, sketchy IoT devices on their own isolated VLAN via Tomato "Shibby" firmware on an ASUS router. It's fairly trivial to do and worth the effort so they at least can't attack your internal trusted networks. You can also whitelist outbound traffic for an added level of protection.

Comment Re:plugin has been suppressed from the wordpress s (Score 2) 76

I find the info quite aggressive agains WP, the plugin indeed has been banned, and before this second post...

So; wordpress reacts to bad publicity not to threats to their users. That's actually worse than if they did nothing because if they did nothing we'd hear about it all the time whereas now the questions are, "What else did Wordpress manage to close down just before it got written about on Slashdot? What else is Wordpress hiding?"

Somewhere there are wordpress users who have installed this and either have not yet had their credentials stolen or have not yet had them used against them. Notifying their users should be the top priority. This should be front page on their site. This should be the top news on their blog. There is nothing there. Wordpress is still hiding things and letting down their users. This posting is not nearly aggressive enough. is very different than the community, one is a commercial entity that offers free and paid hosted wordpress services and the latter is the upstream/open source wordpress community that offers wordpress for self-hosting.

Neither of these entities are responsible for or have any control over 3rd party plugins like the one mentioned in the article. This would be like blaming Microsoft for someone releasing Win32 shareware that hijacked credentials.

Comment You can use KDE 3D compositing with other DE's (Score 4, Interesting) 111

I've switched back and forth to just about every *NIX Desktop Environment since I started using Linux in 1999, loved KDE 3.x, loathed KDE 4.x until it became stable and used KDE 5.x on and off. The good thing about KDE is that the windowing and 3D effects subsystem is modular.

I'm pretty much settled on using XFCE but I'm using KWIN KDE compositing/3D effects with XFCE for a nice compromise between a 'classic' desktop that's rock solid but with the nice themes, windowing effects and features that KWIN (KDE's compositor) brings to the table.

Comment Why did you choose Microsoft Platform for SE? (Score 2) 129

I don't see many large, high profile sites running an entire Microsoft Windows stack nowadays (IIS/SQL Server, etc) but Stack Exchange is one of them.

What were the reasons behind choosing a full Microsoft stack versus any of the Open Source alternatives which seem much more prevalent, especially in start-ups and smaller businesses for web presence?

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