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Comment Re:Taxes and laws in 3,2,1... (Score 1) 117

It's probably like most other states with an ABC. South Carolina does the same thing. Wine, malt liquor, beer? All available wherever you roam. Want some Jameson, Jack, Svedka, and enough Captain to drown the Titanic, gotta go to an ABC-approved store. Totally different from where I grew up, where you could get whiskey, beer, steak, potatoes, and pampers all within 200 feet of one another in the same store.

Comment Bullshit. (Score 1) 361

Articles like this are a heaping load of shit. I'd take them more seriously if they actually mentioned the device that was being used during each incident. They reason why is that a lot of these expolosions aren't from the device exploding, it's from the batteries inside of them. And further more, you'll find that nearly all of them are inexperienced people using mechanical or unregulated mods. Either they're using garbage batteries from Trustfire or Efest, or they're building their coils far far too low for what their batteries can handle. The other possibility is that these people aren't properly maintaining their batteries when the insulating wrapping is damaged, which risks creating short circuits inside the device and once more causing the battery inside to explode. We'd absolutely have fewer articles like this if people weren't complete morons when it comes to using 18650 batteries for vaping.

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