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Comment Re:Now we can all look through cracked windscreens (Score 1) 114

PC is banned because at the thicknesses needed for automotive safety, it won't break safely when you need it to get clear of a burning car. It's why Soda Lime has been the only viable option thus far. But if GG is automotive safe and still allows you to break out, it's viable.

Comment Re:Not Causal (Score 1) 311

80$ isn't what I'd consider affordable, when comperable sets of wired headphones are 30-40$. And Golzer doesn't list the response frequency on their drivers, so for all I know this is some 22-20K trash. Especially as I can easily find wired headphones in that price range that have 18(or even 16)-22K.

Comment Re:But Apple has made life better for you (Score 1) 311

Because this doesn't help wired users at all. It forces them into a bullshit dongle that they have to remember to bring with them everywhere. And if you lose it? Apple will gladly fleece you for another one, just to get back functionality that Johnny Ive deigned to remove, because he's got an ass-backwards sense of usability. And no, I'm not excited that Apple's taking away even more control from their users and putting even more power drain on the phone. Everyone that cared about good quality audio were already using external DACs to begin with, with their own power supply. And every last one of them connected over 3.5. So no, this is far from an obvious improvement. It's a sign that Apple has lost it's fucking mind or backbone, because they need to start telling Sir Scumbag Ive to fuck off.

Comment Re:Not Causal (Score 5, Informative) 311

Too bad there aren't any affordable and good sounding bluetooth headphones. The DAC in most BT headphones are shittier than the ones in smartphones, the audo fidelity is worse, and the compression required to use AADP further degrades audio reproduction. Apple just wants to sell people on a shittier experience and force them to like it. 3.5mm headphones sound better, they're cheaper, they're more compatible, and they don't introduce compression artifacts. So on this, Apple can get fucked.

Comment Re:Taxes and laws in 3,2,1... (Score 1) 117

It's probably like most other states with an ABC. South Carolina does the same thing. Wine, malt liquor, beer? All available wherever you roam. Want some Jameson, Jack, Svedka, and enough Captain to drown the Titanic, gotta go to an ABC-approved store. Totally different from where I grew up, where you could get whiskey, beer, steak, potatoes, and pampers all within 200 feet of one another in the same store.

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